Police warning public after another false traffic stop in St. Jay

in News/St. Johnsbury

ST. JOHNSBURY — Police are reporting another incident of a man impersonating a police officer and conducting a false traffic stop in St. Johnsbury, this time taking place on Thursday at around 10:30 p.m.

Police say a woman called after being pulled over by a man dressed in dark clothing. She told police that there were no blue lights activated during the stop, and that the vehicle, described as a dark colored Buick sedan, turned on a red strobe light as well as a bright white light to initiate the stop.

Police say the man approached her vehicle with a hat pulled down over his face.  

The woman told police that the man said she had a taillight out and asked her to roll down her window. He never identified himself as law enforcement or a member of the armed services. She told police she did not believe that his vehicle had a rear license plate.

The suspect is described as approximately 6 foot tall with a medium build.

If you have any information regarding this vehicle or the man operating the vehicle, contact the State Police Barracks in Saint Johnsbury at 802-748-3111, or Northeast Kingdom Crime Stoppers at 802-748-2222.     

A similar incident happened on Christmas Day in St. Johnsbury, but police have not said if the incidents are related.

Police are reminding the public that if you are being pulled over by a vehicle failing to show emergency blue lights or clear strobes, that you suspect is not a law enforcement vehicle, to dial 911 and confirm with dispatch that an actual member of law enforcement is attempting to pull you over, and/or drive to the nearest police department in a safe manner for further assistance.

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