Armed man conducts false traffic stop in St. Jay

in News/St. Johnsbury

ST. JOHNSBURY — Police are alerting the public about an incident that happened in the St. Johnsbury area on Christmas Day, when someone dressed in camouflage and wearing a gun conducted a false traffic stop.

The incident took place at around 6 p.m. on U.S. Route 5. The victim called police and reported being pulled over by someone dressed in camouflage.

He advised police that a man approached his vehicle wearing a gun and told him he was speeding and to slow down.

The victim told police that the man never identified himself as a law enforcement officer, and that there was no blue light activated during the stop. The suspect flashed his high and low beams while flashing his hazard lights, when pulling the vehicle over.

The suspect is described as being about 5’9” with a slim build and short black hair, driving a silver Nissan, possibly an Altima with New York plates.

Police are asking the public to contact them with any information regarding this vehicle or the man operating this vehicle.      
Police are also reminding the public that if you are being pulled over by a vehicle failing to show emergency blue lights or clear strobes, to dial 911 and confirm with a dispatcher that an actual police officer is attempting to pull you over.

You should also drive to the nearest police department or barracks, in a safe manner for further assistance.

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