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Highgate community ‘new heights’ meeting April 26

HIGHGATE — Members of the Highgate community are invited to participate in the second phase of the Highgate: Reaching New Heights community visit process to set actionable priorities for the future of the town.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 26 from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. at the Highgate Elementary School, with the option to join virtually.

Entering the second phase, the process is designed to provide an important opportunity for all members of the Highgate community to review potential action items, discuss and advocate for what is most important for the community, and vote on priorities to move forward.

The first phase of the process was held on March 29 and involved a series of public forums and written surveys from over 120 members of the Highgate community who shared their ideas for action on critical topics such as infrastructure, economic development, education and career training, recreation, health and safety, and more.

A visiting team of representatives from state, federal, private, non-profits, and philanthropic agencies joined the forums to hear ideas and remain an active resource as priorities emerge.

All Highgate community members are welcome and encouraged to attend on April 26 to decide on priorities for the future of Highgate.

“This is a critical turning point in the Reaching New Heights process when we go from ideas to action priorities,” Jenna Koloski, VCRD’s Community Engagement and Policy Director said. “It is important at this point that we hear from as many community members and as many different voices as possible.”

The final phase of community meetings will take place on May 24 which will include the return of the visiting team to help support the work of the new task forces with technical and financial resources as they create action plans to move their priorities forward.

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