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Vermont sees record high insured rate at 97 percent

NEWPORT — According to a new report, nearly 97 percent of all Vermonters have health insurance, matching the state’s highest insured rate on record.

According to the 2021 Vermont Household Health Insurance Survey, almost 600,000 Vermonters are covered.

The data is consistent with studies from the US Census Bureau which found that, in 2020, Vermont ranked second in the nation for its percentage of people with health insurance.

“In the face of the pandemic’s massive disruptions over the past two years, our health care organizations, state employees, and community partners have worked tirelessly to keep us safe and healthy,” said the Agency of Human Services Secretary, Jenney Samuelson.

Samuelson says the report is a testament to the State’s commitment to ensuring that all Vermonters can have and keep health insurance, so they have access to and can afford the care they need to be and stay healthy.

State officials acknowledged that, while overall trends were largely positive, challenges exist related to health inequities and among small business employees.

Ena Backus, the state’s director of Health Care Reform, says that for all the improved outcomes, the survey also clearly shows there is still work to do.

“From better engaging our neighbors in vulnerable communities, to securing federal help to expand affordability for those with employer-based insurance, to focusing on preventative care to lower overall healthcare costs, we can continue our progress toward making quality health coverage accessible to all Vermonters.”

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