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Friday, September 17, 2021

The Vermont Leaf Company turns over a new leaf with expanded items

SOUTH BURLINGTON — Founded in 2015 on a challenge to create a company with no funding, the Vermont Leaf Company lived its first five years selling only leaves.

The leaves were not preserved, and not even pressed.

With free inventory that shipped light and flat, it seemed worth a go. 

Five years on that business model yielded some good things for the business, but also a few things that needed to be addressed.

Starting this month, the Vermont Leaf Company is turning over a new leaf in a way, with a significantly expanded product offering of distinguished leaf themed items.

From pasta to apparel, there is a strong effort to celebrate the leaves of Vermont in particular, as the focus grows to embrace all four seasons.

And because leaves are universal, gender-neutral, apolitical, and devoid of any association with any faith path, nationality, or ethnicity in particular, they become an ideally safe totem for unifying events based via a leaf theme; as well as a universally easy way to buy for the difficult to buy for. Everyone loves leaves.

The Vermont Leaf Company is still the first and only business in the world focused on leaves, that will be shifting its offerings seasonally, making special items available as they hail the magnificence of what the state itself calls the world’s best foliage.

For more information on the Vermont Leaf Company, email [email protected], or visit their new website at: www.vermontleaf.com

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