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Friday, October 15, 2021

Letter: Russ Ingalls for Vermont State Senate

I wanted to send along a message announcing my Candidacy to run for the Orleans/Essex district on the Republican ballot for Vermont State Senate.

I have chosen to run because I strongly feel that we are a forgotten area dominated by the politics of counties to the south and west of us.

Montpelier follows the votes and our voices get lost.

I believe that it’s time to finally come up with a strategy to properly fund our dairy farmers so that they can afford to stay in business.

Dairy is a huge asset to Vermont supplying millions of dollars to all economics areas of our state including tourism.

If dairy was invented today, it would be talked about as the greatest superfood ever discovered. I have a bold plan that I’d like to talk about.

I also want to ensure that agribusiness is supported. From maple sugarers, to produce growers, to those who raise livestock and fowl, to brewers of all spirits or to put more plainly, anyone who sticks their hands in our Vermont soil, we need to have a clear plan to support you.

Our young people do not stay here. There are no jobs for them.

There are many ways to change that but I feel the number one way is to finally bring reliable and affordable telecommunications to our area so that companies can relocate here where the taxes are generally lower and the workforce is willing and able but the telecommunication services in place do not allow for wholesale commercial enterprises.

Through this pandemic, we have discovered that services provided to us are less than poor. Our small population cannot produce enough revenues for private investment.

Let’s work with Telecommunication companies at a State level so that these companies can afford to make investments in our infrastructures, so like the rest of the State, we can possibly telecommute.

And while we are at it, instead of offering $10,000 to have people from afar move to our State, let’s invest in our children who have gained their degrees and would love to stay here and create their own companies, after all, these are the kids that we have raised and taught our values to and are the carriers of our future.

For the Commercial developers who have come to our area, Welcome!

You’ve come here, divided our communities and have gained entrance by sprinkling a few dollars around, sucked up all the Federal and State tax credits to build your projects and now you ship all your profits out of Vermont.

That needs to change. I thank you for what little you have done for the communities but there will be more.

These changes can only happen if the people demand them. I want to be your next voice in Montpelier. Please vote for Russ For Us! for Vermont State Senate.

Thank You,

Russ Ingalls

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