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Man dies following house fire in Elmore

ELMORE — A 68-year-old man has died following a fire that broke out at a house in Elmore yesterday.

The fire started at a home on Elmore Road at around 9:20 p.m.

Firefighters began to battle the fire coming from the living room area and were able to get inside the home and pull Francis Hill to safety where immediate lifesaving measures began.

Amy Hill was transported to Copley Hospital.

She was transferred to the University of Vermont Medical Center in Burlington where she is being treated for second-degree burns to her head, face, neck, and arms in addition to smoke inhalation.

Francis Hill was also transported to Copley Hospital.

Tragically, he did not survive the thick smoke and soot that rapidly filled the house.

Investigators say the fire began in an electronically powered lift chair/recliner in the living room while Amy and Francis Hill were in another part of the house.

Police say they were alerted to the fire by a smoke alarm in a hallway but were unable to extinguish the blaze as it spread quickly to other nearby combustibles.

“The cause of the fire is due to chafing of electrical wires in the chair lift which eventually shorted out and caused the upholstery and foam cushions to ignite,” a statement issued by the police reads.

The living room and front porch sustained significant smoke, soot, and some water damage, but due to the quick response time of the firefighters, they were able to save a majority of the structure.

Police say two dogs and two cats also perished in the blaze.

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