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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Amy Gillespie, candidate for Newport City Council

Dear community members of the Newport City area, my name is Amy Gillespie and I am running for a seat on the Newport City Council.

Today I am writing to you in hopes of planting a few seeds.

Unless you’ve been attending the City Council meetings or watching them online from NEK-TV, you might not even know of what is happening in our City.

Luckily, I am here to shine a little light on the status of our City for you all.

Our City is crumbling at the hands of most of the current elected officials, the Mayor, and the non-resident City Manager.

They seem to have forgotten that as elected/appointed officials, they are chosen to represent their constituents: hear concerns, research ideas, and find a plan that works for mostly everyone to achieve the goal/solve the problem.

However, this isn’t the case.

I see misconduct that even if publicly voiced and documented, no one is held accountable.

I see our Community members’ needs being pushed aside at the expense of private agendas.

I see intolerant behavior that undermines the work of Martin Luther King Jr, Harriet Tubman, and Rosa Parks, instead of embracing and celebrating their achievements.

And lastly, I see our City’s Annual Report that resembles more of a bitter diary entry, than a well-versed reflection of our City’s accomplishments.

However, I believe that our City has every chance to emerge from the rubble and become a strong, flourishing, and supportive community that we all need.

I can see our Council appointing a new City Manager, someone honest, kind, AND capable.

I can see a transparent process and decisions based on integrity, instead of poor intentions.

I can see our youth having safe spaces to learn and grow, regardless of cost/status.

I can see those with mental health issues actually supported, instead of given a temporary band-aid.

I can see those with substance abuse issues embraced with hope, instead of stigmatized.

And I can see Newport being a desired destination, instead of the failed result of poor economic circumstances.

Our community’s growth has been stunted by poor planning and decision making.

With the current “leadership,” we will only keep living the same cycle of mediocrity over and over again. Until we choose to speak up and stop backing down.

First, we must shatter every preconceived threat from the City Manager- our city CAN run without her, possibly even soar at the opportunity of a fresh start- new ideas, new morals, new beginnings.

On March 3rd, we have the chance to start cultivating something special in Newport. Together.

And I would be truly honored to have your vote for City Council and look forward to working hard for a better future for us all.

And almost even more importantly, I’d love your support in convincing the Council of NOT re-appointing Laura Dolgin for City Manager.

Sincerely, Amy Gillespie

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