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Derby Green Nursing Home announces plans to close

DERBY – Derby Green, the nursing home located on US Route 5 in Derby, announced that it will close effective on or before April 30, 2020.

The home, owned by North County Hospital, filed a letter of intent today with the state’s Department of Disabilities, Aging & Independent Living Division of Licensing and Protection, laying out its plans.

Derby Green has traditionally run at high occupancy, filling most of its 23 beds in any given month.

However, as a small facility, the nursing home says it cannot achieve the economies of scale and efficiency necessary to make long-term operations financially sustainable.

They say ongoing workforce shortages and operating losses jeopardize the center’s ability to continue providing the level of care and a safe environment necessary for residents.

Losses have averaged $200,000 annually over the last three years.

This, coupled with future infrastructure needs, has led North Country Hospital to make the difficult decision to close the facility.

Derby Green says they will work with all area nursing homes and community partners to ensure each resident is transferred to the setting of their choice that best meets their individual needs.

“Patient safety and exceptional person-centered care are our top priority,” Brian Nall, North Country Hospital’s President & CEO, said. “We are committed to providing high-quality day-to-day care during this process until our last resident is transferred and Derby Green is closed.”

Nearby, Bel-Aire Center in Newport will be increasing its nursing home beds to preserve some of the capacity that would otherwise be lost with the closure of Derby Green.

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  1. It’s so very sad to hear of the closing of Derby Green. Not only for the residents but for the very caring staff. The Administrator Don Lynch and staff have all gone above and beyond to care for the residents. My Dear Friend Bill was transferred there in December. They have made him feel like this was his Family, his Home. He is crushed to hear that his new Family will be broken up, knowing he may never see them again. When you are ninety five years old it’s so difficult to be bounced around from nursing home to nursing home. He was looking forward to this being his last very last move on this earth. I’m sure that he was not the only one that feels this deep down in their hearts.

  2. How sad. With all the awards they’ve won over the years for their quality care, it’s upsetting that we are going to decrease the number of nursing home options available to families in the Northeast Kingdom.


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