Hand grenade discovered in Waterford picnic area

in News/Vermont

WATERFORD — Police say an individual walking in the area of the Moore Dam Picnic Area in Waterford, found what was suspected to be a hand grenade along the shoreline of Moore Reservoir.

Recently the water level of the reservoir had been lowered, exposing ground that would otherwise have been underwater.

The suspected hand grenade was found in an area that would have normally been underwater.

Troopers from the St. Johnsbury field station responded and confirmed the report.

The State Police Bomb Squad was consulted along with members of the EOD Detachment of the VT Air National Guard.

Authorities say the grenade was in a deteriorated condition.

Crews responded to the site and say the weapon could not be verified as being in a safe condition. It was destroyed at the site as part of the response.

The operation created a single explosion that was heard in the surrounding area.

No additional hazards were located at the site.

Police say the picnic area, which had been temporarily closed due to the hazard is now re-opened for use.

Members of the public are reminded that military munitions can pose serious personal safety hazards, particularly those that have been exposed to the elements.

In the event such an item is discovered, the public should avoid handling the object and notify law enforcement.

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