Police: Driver failed to stop, pulled into garage and attempted to close door

in Derby/News

DERBY — A driver will have to appear in court after police say he failed to stop when signaled, then pulled into his garage and attempted to close the door between himself and police.

At around 1:50 a.m. on Saturday, police say they were patrolling Route 111 in Derby when they observed a Land Rover traveling east at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle allegedly turned onto Bates Hill Road without signaling, then continued to travel at a high rate of speed in the posted 35 MPH zone.

The road conditions at the time were snowy and slick.

According to the report, the trooper activated his emergency lights to effect a stop, and the driver failed to yield.

Police say the driver, identified as Wilfred Tetreault, 55, of Derby, continued disregarding the signal to stop.

They say he pulled into a driveway at a high rate of speed, opened the garage door and attempted to close it between him and the trooper.

The trooper was able to pursue Tetreault into the garage and remove him from the vehicle.

He was detained and later issued a criminal citation to appear in court.

Civil violations were issued for speeding on a state roadway, speeding on a town roadway, unreasonable speed for weather conditions, failing to signal, and failing to stop when signaled.

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