Letter to the Editor: Votes, Not Money, Are What Count | Scott Milne, Candidate for the U.S. Senate

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Dear Vermonters,

I hope to have the honor of your vote on Tuesday. If I am successful, my election will be a loud and clear message—delivered from the Green Mountains—that the days of big money propping up career politicians are numbered.

I am running on a clean government reform platform that will restore trust in government. If we are to return to a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, we need to end the days of big money buying a seat at the legislation-drafting table. I have designed a campaign to amplify this message.

We are all volunteers. I have not solicited a single donation. We formally launched our campaign just 60 days before the election (shorter elections require less funding).

I have proposed a two-term limit for Senators, and a four-term limit for Congressman. I do not and will not accept any special interest donations.

I believe that the United States Senate was designed to be a body of common citizens—public servants who would raise their hand to serve in Washington, beholden only to the people of this nation, and then return home to live under the laws that they made. That is what I have promised to do.

Please, take a look at my campaign. If you want to look at your children and your grandchildren, and tell them that at this divisive time in history, you stood up and did something to bring the change our nation so dearly needs, please, help me, help Pat Leahy… Retire.

Together, we can prove that votes, not money, are what still count in Vermont.

Your Servant,

Scott Milne
Pomfret, scottmilne.org