Texas fugitive found in North Troy

in News/North Troy

NEWPORT — A man from North Troy was picked up by police last week as a wanted fugitive from Texas.

Police say that Hector Chavez, 41, is facing extradition to Texas for a burglary conviction back in 1993. Police were alerted that he was in the area after investigating a report of a car that was taken without the owner’s permission on December 27.

During the short investigation, authorities believed that Chavez was the one who had taken the vehicle, and learned that he was wanted in Texas.

The owner of the vehicle later called police and told them that the car had been returned.

When authorities arrived back at the scene of the reported theft, located on Pine Street, they found Chavez. He was then placed under arrest.

According to court records, he was working on a farm in Coventry before being caught by police.

Chavez is facing time in prison back in Texas, and was held last week on $75,000 bail.

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