Glover man faces marijuana cultivation, jewelry and gun theft charges

in Barton/Glover/News

NEWPORT — A Glover man recently plead not guilty to the charges of felony marijuana cultivation, violating conditions of release, and felony possession of stolen property.

Police say Henry Laszlo Ecker-Racz, 26, came under investigation after the victim of a recent theft in Barton was contacted by someone who claimed that Ecker-Racz had tried to sell him some jewelry and rifles.

The merchandise was believed to be part of the estimated $20,000 theft that took place in Barton, where the victim had five guns, jewelry, cash, and painkiller medication stolen.

The individual worked with police, and claimed that he saw more rifles and jewelry, which led to a search warrant being issued on July 4.

Police raided the residence where Ecker-Racz was living as part of a 24-hour curfew. He was not home at the time.

Police discovered a marijuana grow operation at the location during the raid, however, the search did not turn up any jewelry or guns.

Police say in the meantime, the victim and her husband confronted Ecker-Racz, and they recovered some of the stolen jewelry.

An arrest warrant for Ecker-Racz was issued, and he appeared in court to be arraigned on the charges. He plead not guilty.

His bail was set at $15,000.

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