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Newport Police issue warning after suspicious activity reported

NEWPORT — The Newport Police Department is alerting the public of an incident that happened Tuesday evening on Prospect Street, where a white male subject attempted to con a resident into letting him into her home.

Police say the incident happened at around 8:30 p.m., at 214 Prospect Street in Newport City. The woman advised police that a white male, described as 5’6” tall, with a medium build and dark wavy hair, came to her residence holding a basket of flowers.

The man said that he was there to conduct an inspection of the residence on behalf of the landlord. The woman owned the residence, and did not rent the home. She immediately shut the door and had no further contact with the man. The man was seen leaving the area in a blue colored van with New York plates.

Officers from the Newport Police Department checked the area and were unable to locate any vehicle matching the description given.

Another report of a similar incident was posted and shared through Front Porch Forum, this time from a resident listed as living on Spring Street. The post reads:

“Beware- a 20 something-ish male possibly in a blue mini van w/ NY plates just knocked on my door, offered me a gift basket full of junk food, said he was checking on something for my landlord (didn’t mention her name) and asked to come in and take a look around. MY RADAR went up real quick- he’s scoping places out- likely looking for stuff to steal. Lock your doors and don’t let him or his friends in! Shortly after he left I watched a blue van stop at a few houses on my street with different men getting out. I also notified Newport PD.”

Police are asking that anyone with information regarding this incident, or had a similar incident happen to them, to call 802-334-6733.

They are also reminding everyone to keep all access points to their residences locked when not at home. Residents are being reminded to keep watch and stay vigilant.

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  1. Same van was spotted in derby, trailer park behind kyles gas station. Didn’t come to my door as it looks like no one is home but I watched it stop at ever trailor, gift basket and white male who looked professional.

    • He lives in the trailor park. I used to live there and he would go around with his little basket of goodies and try to entice you so you would let him in the house. Nothing new ! He’s been around for a while.

  2. It was probly Kirby they never tell you at first so hopefully you won’t just shut the door had a blue van with new your plates pcome to my door last month and it was Kirby

    • I live in island Pond and i had a young mail with a kirby nametag on and he was trying to sell me the vacuum but didnt have the vaccum with him he was gonna give me free tide detergent if i let him talk to me about it i told him i didnt have rugs only hardwod floors then he said he had stuff for hard wood floors i turned him away that was like around 4:00 pm or a little after wondering if that is the same person. did nt see the vehicle didnt think anything suspicous until i saw a post later on Facebook. Now i am wondering if they werent in Island Pond.The young man had a hat on.

  3. Plate gsl1736. I called the state police weeks ago and they couldn’t care less. One guy got out of the van with a basket full of crap two guys that in the van my wife told him to piss off.

  4. I worked for Kirby years ago. That’s not how they operate. They are specifically told to identify themselves immediately. They don’t bring gift baskets full of flowers or candy or toys. They wear identifying name tags and have folders full of Kirby literature. They don’t tell you they need to do an inspection of your home for the landlord. I can nearly guarantee this is not Kirby.

  5. The state police have been notified and they dont give two shits about it. They are not doing anything about it nor will they until something illegal or traumatic happens. Buy yourself a gloc or 9 mill


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