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Troy man charged with insurance fraud and false report to law enforcement

TROY — The Vermont State Police are reporting today that a resident of Troy was charged with one count of Insurance Fraud, and one count of False Report to Law Enforcement Authority, for an incident that took place in December 2012.

On April, 7, 2014, police received an anonymous letter suggesting that Roger Daigle, 48, of Troy, had defrauded his insurance company, Cooperative Insurance, by reporting his vehicle was damaged in a hit and run accident in the Price Chopper parking lot in Derby, back in December of 2012.

The letter triggered an investigation by police that they are saying revealed that the damage to Daigle’s vehicle was actually caused by one of his coworkers in the Town of Barton.

Police are saying that Daigle made up the story about it being done by an unknown vehicle to divert liability from his coworker. The coworker was found to be unaware of the fraud and did not know that Daigle reported the damage to the insurance company.

The investigation further revealed that he also reported the hit and run accident to the Vermont State Police.

Daigle was subsequently charged with one count of insurance Fraud and one count of False Report to Law Enforcement Authority.

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