Burglary at Rite Way Sports Shop: Guns Stolen

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HARDWICK — Another gun shop was robbed last night. Rite Way Sports in Hardwick became the second gun shop in the area to be burglarized in the month of April.

Hardwick Police are working with Federal Authorities in the investigation. Several handguns were stolen from the store during the burglary.

The late night break-in showed a high level of sophistication and planning, as the electricity was cut from behind the building prior to the forced entry at the front of the building.

Police are asking for assistance from the public and to report any suspicious activity anyone may have seen in the area during the late night hours of April 19, or early morning hours of April 20.

This is the second time this month that a gun shop was broken into, and guns were stolen. On April 4, Mr. O’s Sporting Goods in Newport was robbed, with several firearms stolen at the time.

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