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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

St. Johnsbury Academy Announces Dual-Enrollment Agreement with CCV

St. Johnsbury — St. Johnsbury Academy announced a dual-enrollment agreement with the Community College of Vermont (CCV). The deal is a step toward helping students prepare for higher education while gaining college credit in high school.

“We are excited to add another partner in CCV to our dual-enrollment program, after finalizing the program this year with Southern New Hampshire University, and already offering two dual-enrollment courses this spring semester,” said Jeffrey Burroughs, assistant headmaster for Academics at the Academy.

Four of the Academy’s Fine and Performing Arts faculty members have been approved as part-time faculty with CCV and the Academy will offer dual-enrollment Fine Arts courses on its campus this spring. Students in Photography II, Clay II, Anatomy and Figure Drawing II, and Acting II will have the opportunity to receive college credit through the dual-enrollment agreement with CCV.

“We are pleased that CCV has worked to provide a distinct option for dual enrollment with us here at the Academy,” Burroughs said. “CCV has long been a leader in dual-enrollment courses in Career and Technical Education as well as in general education credits, and this initiative to recognize outstanding instruction in the fine-and-performing arts provides a wonderful opportunity for high-school artists to gain exposure and college credit, helping them to build a more complete and professional portfolio.”

According to Academy Headmaster Tom Lovett, dual-enrollment programs give students access to college courses and allow them to engage in an authentic college experience for real college credit, while still in high school. It not only greatly reduces the cost of post-secondary education, but also might inspire more students to pursue post-secondary degrees, he said.

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