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Clan of the Hawk gathering tomorrow

in Brownington/Evansville

EVANSVILLE — The Clan of the Hawk is inviting everyone to their 29th annual gathering on Saturday.

The event will be held on the Clan’s special grounds in Brownington.

This year the gathering will run one day only and is a great family event. It is also completely free to attend.

First Light Drum Circle will be on site, so there will be dancing and drumming throughout the day.

In the morning there will be a “Talking Circle” and in the afternoon they will have a “Naming Ceremony.”

The pet parade, which has become a favorite event over the last few gatherings, will be held at 2:00 p.m.

The gathering will also host their famous ‘local’ fish fry, sponsored by the Carlson Family.

The Assistant Chiefs will be holding a Sweat Lodge in the afternoon.

Visitors can go down to the river and wade in the cool water.

The address of the Clan is 123 Evansville Road, Brownington. It is three miles East of I-91 on Route 58.

Clan of the Hawk intertribal powwow this weekend in Evansville

in Evansville/Orleans

EVANSVILLE — The Clan of the Hawk will host an intertribal powwow this Saturday and Sunday, on their tribal grounds on Route 58 in Evansville, three miles east of the village of Orleans.

Admission to the grounds and parking are both free.

All weekend the powwow will feature native dancers, drummers, storytellers, basket weaving, and dream-catcher classes.

The Koasek Band of Thetford will host a chicken barbecue on Saturday. Chief Nathan Pero will prepare a fish fry on Sunday. There will also be a naming ceremony on Sunday morning.

Sunday afternoon will feature Abenaki language presentations and the fourth annual pet parade.

There will be prizes for all, with reasonable rates for vendors and overnight campers.

If you bring a teepee, you can camp for free.

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