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Driver arrested for DUI after high-speed chase in Coventry

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COVENTRY — A 28-year-old man from St. Johnsbury was arrested early this morning after a police chase in Coventry.

A trooper with the Vermont State Police says he was monitoring traffic on US Route 5 when he observed a white truck traveling at 80 miles-per-hour in a posted 50 miles-per-hour zone.

The trooper attempted to stop the truck, but it fled at a high rate of speed for about five miles.

Police say the driver attempted to evade law enforcement by stopping on a dead-end road and turning off its lights.

The driver was identified as Alan Tanguay.

Police say while being taken into custody, Tanguay resisted arrest.

He was transported to the Derby barracks for processing and lodged at Northern State Correctional Facility.

He is facing charges of attempting to elude, excessive speed, negligent operation, DUI, and resisting arrest.

Driver injured, leachate spilled during crash in Coventry

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COVENTRY — A crash in Coventry early Friday morning sent one person to the hospital and left a tanker compromised and leaking fluids and leachate near the Black River.

Police were alerted at around 3:00 a.m. of a crash on US Route 5 near the intersection of Route 14.

Jean Paul Lamoureux, 64, of Newport, was driving a Kenworth 800 truck when he came across black ice and crashed.

While Lamoureux was outside the truck deploying safety triangles, a loaded leachate tanker was unable to stop.

The driver, Onnie Hart, 31, of Newport, tried to maneuver the truck to safety and lost control.

Lamoureux was transported to North Country Hospital for head and leg injuries, police say.

State hazmat teams were dispatched to the scene.

The tanker was compromised and lost several fluids including oil, hydraulic fluid, diesel fuel, and leachate.

Route 5 remained closed until the scene was cleared and both vehicles were removed from the roadway.

Local environmental group reaches deal regarding Coventry landfill expansion

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COVENTRY — Local environmental group Don’t Undermine Memphremagog’s Purity (DUMP) say they will dismiss their appeal of state permits in Environmental Court after reaching an agreement with New England Waste Services of Vermont.

The agreement will allow N. E. Waste Services of Vermont, a subsidiary of Casella Waste Management, to move forward with the planned 51-acre expansion of the Coventry landfill.

The company agreed not to run leachate from Coventry landfill including the sewage-disposal facility in Newport, into the watershed unless there are changes in State or Federal regulations, or massive advances in science and technology, until 2024.

The company also agreed to work with a third-party engineer to assess odor control and to consider whether there should be improvements in facilities or practices to improve odor control.

“This settlement is a huge win for the Newport area and all communities that border the lake,” the group said in a statement.

The group says they are welcoming new members at this time to continue efforts to protect Lake Memphremagog and the environment.

Police: Coventry man arrested for abuse of a vulnerable adult

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COVENTRY — Police say a 71-year-old Coventry man was arrested yesterday.

According to the report, Raymond Gadreault is facing charges of aggravated domestic assault, abuse of a vulnerable adult, and cruelty by a person having custody of another.

State police say they conducted a search warrant at Gadreault’s residence on Community Farm Road in Coventry at around 10:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

Geadreault was wanted for outstanding arrests warrants, police say.

White Mountain Auto in Coventry burglarized

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COVENTRY — White Mountain Auto in Coventry was burglarized in August, and today police have released surveillance footage in an attempt to identify the suspect.

According to state police, on August 8, they received a report from the business that it had been broken into overnight.

The business owner reported a missing safe, documents, and keys.

Surveillance video shows at approximately 12:10 a.m., the suspect entered the office by removing a window-mounted air conditioner unit.

The suspect then went into the office area immediately to the location of the safe and into a back office.

The suspect then left the premises through the window with the safe and other items.

Exterior surveillance showed a get-away vehicle pick up the suspect from the roadway and travel toward Newport City.

Police say the suspect wore a bandana style face mask, hat, and was dressed in light-colored clothing.

The safe was recovered the next morning on Wildflower Lane in Newport City.

Road closures in Coventry this week

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COVENTRY — Two roads in Coventry will be closed this week, one starting tomorrow.

Coventry Station Road will be closed for road maintenance from Route 5 to Cotnoir Road, starting Monday, August 19, through Friday, August 23.

In addition, Glen Road will be closed to all thru traffic for culvert replacement starting Wednesday, August 21, through to Saturday, August 24.

Contact the town office for any questions, or for further updates.

Police looking for Coventry man

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COVENTRY — Police say they arrested a Coventry woman on several active arrest warrants, and are still looking for a 26-year-old man following an incident on Thursday.

At around 4:40 p.m. a Sheriff’s Department deputy attempted to conduct a motor vehicle stop on Coventry Street in Newport, after identifying the operator as Tharen Amidon.

Police say Amidon has active arrest warrants.

According to the report, Amidon failed to stop and a pursuit ensued.

The pursuit ended in Coventry, where all occupants of the vehicle bailed out on foot into the woods.

Newport Police Officer Lillis and his partner K-9 Ozzy conducted a track from the vehicle which led to the discovery of Beatrice Amidon, 46, of Coventry.

She was arrested and lodged on several Vermont warrants and a New Hampshire no-bail warrant.

Police say efforts to locate Tharen Amidon were unsuccessful.

The Sherriff’s Department is asking anyone who has knowledge of Tharen’s whereabouts, to contact law enforcement.

Orleans County residents arrested in statewide drug sweep

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NEWPORT — The Vermont Drug Task Force announced a multi-week arrest sweep that has concluded with the arrests of numerous people accused of dealing drugs throughout Vermont, including six Orleans county residents.

According to police:

Monica Capron, 40, of Newport is charged with sale of fentanyl x2,
Meagan Blake, 31, of Coventry, is charged with sale of crack cocaine x5, sale of heroin x1  

Kayla Wright, 25, of Newport, is charged with sale of Heroin x1, sale of crack cocaine x1 

Kassandra Medellin-Oliver, 32, of Newport, is charged with sale of heroin x3.

Justin Morgan, 27, of Newport, is charged with sale of crack cocaine x2.

Erik Polite, 39, of Newport, is charged with sale of crack cocaine x1.

Corey Green, 45, of Orleans, is charged with sale of Crack Cocaine x2, Sale of Heroin x1.

Ashley Penniman, 35, of Newport, is charged with sale of Sale of Crack Cocaine x1.

Allen Marsh, 50, of Newport, is charged with Sale of Crack Cocaine x4.

During the past several weeks, the Vermont Drug Task Force arrested 59 suspects on charges of selling and distributing heroin, fentanyl, cocaine and crack cocaine. 

The investigations resulted in 53 individual charges of selling heroin, and 43 individual charges of selling crack cocaine, among other charges.  

Tractor fire in Coventry

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COVENTRY — Authorities say that a tractor fire last night in Coventry does not appear to be suspicious at this time.

At around 11:30 p.m. the Irasburg Fire Department responded to a report that a tractor parked in a cornfield was fully engulfed with flames.

The cornfield was in the area of the intersection of Coventry Station Road and Pelkey Road.

Police say the tractor had been in use planting corn during the day and had been parked since late afternoon.

Nelson Farms employees had performed some minor repairs to the planter that was attached to the tractor after the tractor was parked.

A nearby neighbor noticed the fire at approximately 11:30 p.m. and called 911.

No one was injured and the tractor is considered a total loss.

Investigators responded to the scene early this morning and say that there appears to have been a catastrophic failure in the tractor’s electrical system.

The cause remains under investigation but is not considered suspicious.

Fire destroys barn in Coventry

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COVENTRY — The Newport City Fire Department responded to a structure fire in Coventry this morning.

A large, two-story barn at 862 Heermanville Road was fully engulfed in flames at around 9:20 a.m.

The barn was no longer in use as a dairy barn and used primarily for storage.

It was completely destroyed by the fire, however, no person or animal was injured.

Newport City Fire Chief Jamie Leclair contacted authorities to request assistance with an origin and cause investigation.

An investigation was initiated and initial investigation efforts suggest that the fire appears to be electrical in nature and non-suspicious.

First witnesses on scene noticed the fire in the southwest corner of the building.

Anyone that may have witnessed the fire is asked to contact Detective Sgt Michael LaCourse at 802-334-8881.

Route 14 in Coventry closed after report of shots fired

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COVENTRY — A section of Vermont Route 14 in Coventry was closed down yesterday while police investigated a report of gunshots being fired near a residence.

At around 7:15 p.m. police received a 911 report of several shots fired in the vicinity of 84 Blake Road.

Several law enforcement agencies including the U.S. Border Patrol responded to the area to assist.

Police say they believe the shots were fired as means of target practice, and that no injuries were reported and no law violation occurred.

Vermont Route 14 in the area of Blake Road was closed for approximately 3 hours as a precaution throughout the investigation.

An alternate route was provided to traveling motorists.

Driver injured in two-vehicle crash in Coventry

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COVENTRY — A 22-year-old woman from Connecticut was transported to North Country Hospital after a two-vehicle crash in Coventry this morning.

The police were notified at around 7:00 a.m. that a vehicle headed south on Vermont Route 14, sild through the intersection of Route 5 and collided with an unloaded tanker trailer.

The driver was identified as Danielle Browning, of Hebron, CT.

Police say the truck was being operated by John Judd, 37, of Newport Center.

Judd was headed north on Route 5, and according to the report, he noticed Browning’s vehicle approach the intersection unable to stop.

He slowed down and moved as far to the right as he could but was unable to avoid the collision.

Browning’s vehicle slid partially underneath the tanker trailer which caused her to sustain what police describe as “incapacitating injuries.”

She was transported to North Country Hospital by Newport EMS.

Newport Fire Department also arrived on scene and assisted.

Four arrested in Irasburg

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IRASBURG — Police say that they have arrested a group of people who occupied a camp in the town of Irasburg owned by a 54-year-old man from Coventry, without his permission.

As officers approached the camp, they say the occupants fled the scene on foot.

One accused, John Regan, 27, of Philadelphia, was taken into custody just outside the camp.

Troopers and deputies with K9s tracked the other three individuals through deep snow for 1-2 miles for about an hour before they were located and taken into custody in the woods.

The three were Identified as Ronald Harris, 27, also of Philadelphia, Daniel Peters, 23, of Newport, and Andrea Poutre, 37, of Newport.

Police say that Ronald Harris had an active arrest warrant issued out of Pennsylvania for aggravated assault.

Poutre was on court-ordered conditions of release for a “heroin – sale or delivery 200 mg or more” offense that occurred earlier in the year.

She also was on conditions of release for a case involving charges of retail theft, false info to a law enforcement officer, and violation of conditions of release.

Daniel Peters was on court-ordered conditions of release for burglary into an occupied dwelling that occurred earlier in the year in Orleans county.

Investigators say they are working with the State’s Attorney’s Office and the court to determine charges and arraignment details.

Harris, Peters, Poutre, and Regan remain in custody pending a court determination of bail and conditions of release.

Questions, questions, questions about the landfill

in coventry/Letter to the Editor/Newport

After the September 10th forum in Newport with a panel presenting opinions on the expansion of the Coventry landfill, I’ve been asking myself and others a lot of questions.

As a member of DUMP, Don’t Undermine Memphremagog’s Purity, I’ve met concerned citizens working hard to investigate the issues surrounding our local landfill, unfortunately, the only landfill in Vermont.

It’s not an easy task, and I applaud the Chronicle, VT Digger, Seven Days, Newport Dispatch and other media for entering the fray.

I did not attend the recently-called meeting in Coventry, but after reading the Chronicle’s November 21st article I had more questions than answers.

According to the Coventry Selectmen and the VT Department of Environmental Conservation, there are “intense regulations” and frequent monitoring.

How frequently do the Town and State officials visit the landfill for spontaneous inspection? How intense are the regulations Vermont places on its one lined landfill since indeed waste management is “risky business,” according to the DEC Commissioner?

During the Sept. 10th forum the Solid Waste representative, Cathy Jamieson, mentioned that the facility was permitted because of the regulations that were in place, but she acknowledged that they might be less strict standards than in other states.

What are the standards in other states? How often do the wells get tested?

If the Waste Water Treatment Plants are not designed to test for PFAs, how can we be assured that leachate is clean when it goes into the lakes or rivers of Vermont?

How long does it take for contaminates to migrate? How often are the landfill liners checked for tears or slippage?

Vermont’s Universal Recycling Act was enacted in 2012 but the amount of recyclables removed from garbage has decreased our waste only slightly in the past 6 years.

What steps has the Solid Waste Department taken that have worked or haven’t made a difference? What do we really need to do in Vermont to reduce and reuse our garbage? What specific strategies has Casella implemented to become forerunners in the field of safe and environmentally friendly waste management as they claimed?

And what is the “ideal place for a landfill,” as the panel’s senior hydrologist posed?
A watershed bordering an international lake that provides drinking water to Canadian citizens?

Or a poor region where residents might benefit from the dollars that the landfill company will pay to compensate for the odors and the traffic (although all the other communities around the region and state have to deal with the huge trucks and emissions, as well)?

The squashed plans to site landfills in Burlington and Williston in recent years failed due to … what?

Were they not ideal places to site a landfill, being in populated zones where more of the garbage is generated and collected?

What long-range planning is Vermont doing to solve these problems?

Our communities, whether they are for or against the expansion of the Coventry landfill, would like specific answers to all these questions.

The public should be made aware of the test results and options and get specific, not vague, answers.

From our DUMP queries, we’ve seen that a lot of digging needs to be done into DEC, Act 250 or NEWSVT records to gain facts.

My final question is “What is the rush?”

Deliberations, answers and solutions should precede the permit expansion.

Let’s take the time to solidify Vermont’s solid waste management plan.


Lindy Sargent, Barton

Woman injured during head-on crash in Coventry

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COVENTRY — A woman was injured during a head-on crash in Coventry on Sunday that closed Alderbrook Road for over an hour.

The accident took place at around 4:10 p.m. near the intersection of Vermont Route 14.

According to police, Cory Valentine, 26, of Coventry, had been traveling south on Alderbrook Road when he crossed the double yellow line into the northbound lane.

Sarah Martell, 56, also of Coventry, was traveling north in her lane and was unable to maneuver to avoid the collision.

Both vehicles impacted head-on in the northbound lane.

Police say Martell’s airbag did not deploy.

She was extricated from the vehicle by rescue workers and transported to North Country Hospital for treatment for injuries.

According to the report, Valentine was not transported to the hospital.

There is no update as to the nature of Martell’s injuries at this time.

Photo by Phil White.

Fly to Pie this Sunday

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WEST GLOVER — Runners, bikers, and hikers are rolling into the roster for another “Fly to Pie,” this coming Sunday.

Fly to Pie is a road race for individuals and families across the beautiful dirt roads through “the gut” of the Northeast Kingdom.

The 10km race and walk will start off in Irasburg Common.

The 13.5-mile, 17-mile, and 26.2-mile runners and bikers will start at the airport in Coventry.

All participants end up at Parker Pie in West Glover.

Parker Pie promises all the pizza you can eat, with Hill Farmstead Beer on tap.

There will be music on site provided by Beg, Steal or Borrow.

In addition, 20 percent of all registration fees go directly to The Halo Foundation, to support individuals and their families in their fight against cancer.

Newport police looking for Coventry man

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NEWPORT — A 44-year-old man from Coventry is wanted by Newport police after they say he fled during a traffic stop.

Police say Scott Amidon is wanted for attempting to elude and driving with a criminally suspended license.

On Sunday, an officer attempted to stop Amidon on Main Street.

He fled from police and allegedly drove away on Route 5 at speeds in excess of 90 mph.

After ditching his car, police say he took off on foot and officers were unable to locate him.

Amidon is currently a wanted fugitive and has several outstanding warrants for his arrest.

Police say he should be considered dangerous.

Anyone with information about Amidon is being asked to contact the Newport Police Department at 802-334-6733.

Police looking for Brownington man after crash

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COVENTRY — A two-vehicle crash in Coventry on Friday has police looking for a Brownington man they say fled the scene on foot.

Police say they are looking for Scott Souliere, 40, of Brownington, after their initial investigation of the accident.

The crash took place at around 10:30 p.m. at the intersection of Vermont Route 14 and Route 5.

According to the report, one of the drivers took off on foot after smashing into another vehicle.

A vehicle with expired plates registered to Souliere was totaled, facing east in the northbound travel lane of Route 5.

Police say the detailed description provided to them by the witness, matched that of Souliere.

The driver of the second vehicle was identified as Chris Maniatty, 61, of Derby.

Maniatty was hit on the driver’s side after the other driver failed to stop at the stop sign on Route 14, crossing into oncoming traffic on Route 5.

Police are requesting anyone with knowledge of Souliere’s whereabouts to contact them.

[VIDEO] Meet the Candidate event: Kendall Lambert

in coventry/Irasburg/Newport/News/Troy

NEWPORT — Kendall Lambert is an independent candidate seeking to represent the residents in the towns of Coventry, Irasburg, Newport, Newport Center, and a portion of Troy in the Vermont House of Representatives.

Lambert hosted a Meet the Candidate event last week at Kingdom Brewing in Newport.

During the event, she talked politics and enjoyed some craft beer.

Newport Dispatch shot this video to allow those who were unable to attend the opportunity to hear from the candidate.

Impersonating law enforcement alert in Orleans County

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COVENTRY — The Orleans County Sheriff’s Department is notifying residents of a white male with black hair and a noticeable red rash on the left side of his neck, who is possibly impersonating law enforcement.

At around 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, a woman says she was traveling south on the Alder Brook Road in Coventry when a light blue car activated a red and blue flashing light bar on the roof of the vehicle and began to follow her.

The woman told police that she didn’t feel comfortable pulling over in a rural area as the car didn’t look like a police car and had no police markings on it.

The vehicle continued to follow her displaying the red and blue flashing lights until she got to the intersection of Vermont Route 14 and US 5 in Coventry, where she pulled over to the side of the road.

The driver of the light blue car pulled over behind her and exited his vehicle. He approached and told her he had stopped her for speeding.

Police say he then got back in his car and turned around and quickly departed back in the direction he had just come from.

The driver is described as a white male of small stature, approximately 130-140 lbs, possibly 30 to early 40 years of age with black hair and a noticeable red rash on the left side of his neck.

The woman told police he was wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans at the time.

The vehicle is described as a light blue, mid-sized car with a red and blue light bar on the roof.

Anyone who may have witnessed this event or has information about the unknown white male or light blue car involved is asked to contact the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department at 802-334-3333.

Tour bus crash on I-91 sends Coventry man to hospital

in Barton/coventry/Newport/News

BARTON — A 41-year-old man from Coventry was injured after crashing into a tour bus on Friday.

At around 7:35 a.m. police were notified of the crash, south on Interstate 91 in the town of Barton.

Police say Terry Degreenia had just entered the on-ramp in Barton when he left the travel lane, sliding sideways and striking the bus.

The bus was traveling in the passing lane and was hit in the front bumper.

Degreenia’s Ford F150 left the roadway and came to an uncontrolled rest in the median, facing north.

Degreenia was transported to North Country Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The tour bus was driven from the scene.

Police say none of the passengers on the bus were injured.

Family pet shot and killed in Coventry

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COVENTRY — Police are seeking the public’s help after a local family pet was shot and killed.

This evening, at around 5:30 p.m., police were contacted regarding a beagle which had been shot yesterday, February 19, between the hours of 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. on Spencer Hill Road in the town of Coventry.

Police say the animal had been mistakenly left outside during this time frame.

The beagle was taken to a vet where a necropsy was performed which determined the cause of death.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident or has any information is being asked to contact the State Police at 334-8881.

Shelter opened in Coventry after flooding

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COVENTRY — There has been some flooding reported in Coventry and town administrator Amanda Carlson says the town is working hard to ensure everyone is safe, and help to minimize any damage to homes.

The Community Center has been opened up as a temporary shelter.

Carlson says that if you need assistance or a place to go, don’t hesitate to come in.

If you are in other areas of the town and are experiencing any problems with flooding, let town officials know immediately.

It is also important that people check on friends and neighbors who might need assistance and call the town to see if there is anything they can do.

Update: Town officials say they assisted community members who went door to door in the village and checked on everyone. This will continue throughout the next couple of days but so far everyone is safe and accounted for.

The water under Hi-Acres bridge was quite elevated so every resident on the road was warned that if levels increase they might be stuck and to call the town immediately if there are any problems.

Photo by Vanessa Raymond Palmer.

Lyndon State College men’s basketball team tours local schools

in Brighton/Charleston/coventry/Troy

NEWPORT — The entire LSC men’s basketball team met with junior high students at Coventry Village School, Troy Elementary School, Brighton Elementary School and Charleston Elementary School last week.

They met with over 263 students and talked about the transition to college, moving away from home, financial aid, scholarships, the recruitment process and the importance of working hard in school so they are prepared for college.

Coach Dave Pasiak talked with students about focusing on academics in high school and their own personal development to strive to be a good teammate, family member, and community member.

The junior high students had the opportunity to ask the players questions about their majors, why they chose Lyndon State, and how they developed their skills as basketball players.

While at Brighton Elementary School, the LSC student-athletes also met with younger students in preschool and third grade.

There will be free admission for students and their families to attend the LSC home game on January 20, when they play Husson University.

The women play at 1 p.m. and the men play at 3 p.m.

Derby man charged after hit-and-run with train

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COVENTRY — A Derby man will have to answer to charges after he allegedly hit a train today and fled the scene.

Police say 39-year-old Aaron Horner was cited for leaving the scene of a crash and driving with a criminally suspended license.

At around 11:00 a.m. police were notified of a crash at the railroad crossing on Coventry Station Road in Coventry.

It was reported that a truck failed to stop for a train that was preceding through the intersection.

While a trooper was responding, witnesses say the truck left the scene heading east on Coventry Station Road. Police say the truck was leaking fluids and smoking.

Vermont State Police, Orleans County Sheriff’s Department, Border Patrol and Newport Fire Department all responded to the scene.

The train conductor and engineer were both uninjured during the incident.

Police say a trooper later located the truck involved in the crash on Moulton Road in Brownington, hiding behind large shrubbery, and identified Horner as the driver.

Police say Horner was not injured during the crash.

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