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Fatal crash in Barton

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — An 85-year-old woman from St. Johnsbury died from injuries after a single-vehicle crash in Barton on Saturday.

Police responded to the intersection of US Route 5 and Kinsey Road at around 4:00 p.m.

The driver, identified as Isabelle Handy, 80, of St. Johnsbury, and the passenger in the vehicle, Marion Handy, both sustained significant injuries and were transported to North Country Hospital by EMS.

Police say the vehicle had left the roadway at a sharp curve and crashed over an embankment.

Marion Handy was life-lighted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

Tragically, in the early morning hours, police say Handy succumbed to her injuries from the crash and was pronounced deceased.

Barton woman accused of stealing $50K in gift cards

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — A 60-year-old woman from Barton will have to answer to charges after police say she stole tens of thousands of dollars worth of gift cards from a local store.

Trooper Jeff Ferrier said that management at the C & C Market in Barton called police to report that a former employee had stolen approximately $50,000 worth of gift cards during an extended period of time.

The employee was identified as Kimberly Gosley.

According to Trooper Ferrier, the theft occurred from 2017 through 2019.

On August 16, Gosley was arrested and taken to the Derby Barracks for processing.

She was released on a citation to appear in Orleans County Criminal Court in October to answer to charges of grand larceny/fraud.

Barton Academy and Graded School awarded $25,000 literacy grant

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — The Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) has awarded its $25,000 Year of the Book literacy grant to five elementary schools in Vermont, and Barton Academy and Graded School is one of the awardees for the 2019-2020 school year.

The grant will begin tomorrow when Duncan McDougal, the founder of CLiF will provide a short storytelling presentation and share more about what the Year of the Book will bring.

Each student up through grade six will have an opportunity to select the first of their books to bring home.

The Year of the Book grant involves a full school year of exciting programming, including several visits from Vermont authors, illustrators, poets, graphic novelists, and storytellers, family literacy events, special literacy programs selected by each school, funds for classroom projects, and new books for classrooms, the school library, and the local public library, as well as ten new books for each child to choose.

Selected schools demonstrated a commitment to literacy and creative ideas for promoting reading and writing, as well as high percentages of low-income students and students underperforming on reading and writing assessments.

Barton man facing charges after kicking in apartment door

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — A 21-year-old resident of Barton is facing numerous charges following an incident early this morning in Newport Center.

Police say Zackery Champagne is being charged with burglary, unlawful trespass, simple assault, and resisting arrest.

The incident took place at around 5:45 a.m. when police received a call from a 45-year-old woman at an apartment in Newport Center, who stated that Champagne had kicked her door in, causing the door to hit her in the head as she was standing in the doorway.

She advised police that Champagne fled into the field behind the apartment building.

Police say when they arrived, Champagne was seen in the bushes behind the building and fled from police.

A K9 track was set up with the assistance of the Newport Police Department.

US Border Patrol was also in the area to assist and located Champagne walking along Vermont Route 105 in Newport Center.

He was taken into custody for the incident, as well as an active arrest warrant out of Orleans county.

Truck stolen, damaged in Barton

in Barton/Glover/Newport/News

BARTON — Police say someone took a truck for a joy ride in Barton, causing substantial damage to the vehicle.

At some point on Saturday night, someone stole a truck owned by 62-year-old Paul Labrecque of Barton.

Labrecque’s vehicle, a 2015 Chevy truck, was taken from his driveway located on Glover Road.

Police say the subjects caused substantial damage to the truck and returned it in the early morning hours on Sunday.

According to the report, another vehicle parked in the driveway was gone through and change stolen from inside.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Vermont State Police.

Police are reminding the public to lock vehicles and do not leave keys inside while unattended.

Man facing numerous charges after bizarre incident at Lakehouse Saloon in Barton

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — An East Haven man is facing a slew of charges following an incident at the Lakehouse Saloon in Barton early this morning.

Police say 51-year-old Benjamin Clarke is being charged with aggravated assault on law enforcement, disarming law enforcement officer, impeding public officer, criminal threatening, aggravated assault, unlawful mischief, aggravated disorderly conduct, unlawful trespass, and resisting arrest.

According to police, Clarke entered the bar around midnight and was asked to leave by the bouncers.

Police say he refused and began throwing pool balls at patrons inside the bar, striking one man in the face with them.

He was taken outside by the bouncers where he produced a knife and began threatening them and the other patrons at the bar.

According to the report, Clarke stated several times he was going to blow up the towns of Barton and St. Johnsbury.

He then crawled across the parking lot and slashed a woman’s tire.

Shortly after slashing the tire, police arrived on the scene.

The bouncers told police that they believed Clarke had taken several doses of LSD or PCP.

Police say Clarke began to attack them on the scene by punching a trooper in the head, attempting to disarm the trooper, and threatening to kill them.

Clarke was ultimately taken into custody and transported to North Country Hospital for treatment and evaluation.

He was remanded to the custody of Vermont Corrections however remained at North Country Hospital for evaluation.

He was held on lack of $75,000.00 bail.

Driver hit 111 mph on I-91, according to police radar

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — A 31-year-old man from Quebec has been charged with excessive speed after being clocked traveling 111 miles-per-hour on I-91, police said.

Police say they were patrolling northbound traffic on Interstate 91 in the town of Barton on Tuesday when they observed a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed.

The vehicle speed was captured by stationary radar at 111 mph.

Police stopped the vehicle for the speed violation and the operator was identified as Michael Mercurio, of L’ile Bizard, Quebec.

Mercurio was cited into Orleans County Court and released.

Woman convicted of killing husband in intentional crash, arrested for domestic assault

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — A 52-year-old woman from Barton on furlough for manslaughter charges connected to a 2009 crash that killed her husband, was arrested for domestic assault.

Police say Christine Billis was involved in a physical altercation on Main Street in Barton on Friday.

According to the report, Billis and the victim had been in a relationship for several months.

“After speaking with several witnesses it was determined a criminal offense had occurred,” trooper Abigail Drew wrote in a statement.

Billis was arrested and taken to Northern State Correctional Facility for revocation of her furlough.

Back in September of 2009, Billis was driving with her husband Charles in Charleston, when her car suddenly swerved into a tree.

She was treated for minor injuries, but her husband was badly injured and pronounced dead at the hospital.

Less than a year later, Billis registered with an online dating service and allegedly confessed to a man she was corresponding with that the car crash was deliberate.

She allegedly told the man that her husband was not wearing his seatbelt and that she had slammed the car deliberately into the tree.

The man wore a recording device at their first face-to-face meeting, and Billis repeated her confession.

The man took the tape to police who began their own investigation. Police say they obtained confirming confessions at subsequent meetings on police wires.

In June 2011, she was arrested for first-degree murder in the killing of her husband.

She was sentenced to serve 7-15 years behind bars.

Her minimum sentence to serve ended in June of last year.

Police: Barton man arrested with 60 bags of heroin

in Barton/Newport/News

NEWPORT — Police say a 29-year-old man from Barton was arrested in Newport with 60 bags of heroin inside his vehicle.

According to police, Jordan Medley is currently facing charges of possession of heroin and violation of conditions of release.

At around 1:00 p.m. on May 16, police say they stopped Medley on Central Street for a number of motor vehicle violations.

At the time, Medley was taken into custody as a result of an ongoing investigation by the Newport Police Department.

According to the report, police located 60 bags of heroin in the truck.

Medley is currently on several active pre-trial conditions of release and was found to be in violation of three of those conditions.

He was lodged at the Northern State Correctional Facility in Newport.

Circle K in Barton robbed

in Barton/News

BARTON — The Circle K in Barton was robbed late Tuesday night.

Police responded to the robbery at around 11:45 p.m.

According to the report, the suspect entered the store threatening that he had a weapon and demanded that the store clerk hand over the money from the cash register.

The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, approximately 5’6” to 6’ tall with a medium build and possibly in his mid to late 20s.

He was wearing a dark colored hooded sweatshirt which covered his face and dark colored pants.

After receiving an undisclosed amount of money the offender fled the scene on foot.

Anyone with information regarding this case is being asked to contact the call 802-334-8881.

Truck crashes into 2 parked vehicles in Barton

in Barton/News

BARTON — Police responded to a crash in Barton yesterday after a truck smashed into two parked vehicles.

At around 2:50 p.m. police say a 2015 Ford F-150 was headed north on Maple Hill Road when the driver lost control of his vehicle.

The driver was identified as David Macwhirter, 52, of Barton.

Police say he traveled off the east side of the roadway striking two vehicles parked in a driveway.

According to the report, the parked vehicles sustained a moderate amount of damage.

Macwhirter’s truck was heavily damaged and had to be towed away from the scene.

According to police, no injuries were reported during the incident.

Police say road conditions at the time were slick and snow covered, with some freezing rain taking place.

DUI crash with injury in Barton

in Barton/Newport/News/Orleans

BARTON — Police say that a 60-year-old man from Barton was charged with DUI after a two-vehicle crash on Sunday sent a man to the hospital.

At around 8:00 p.m. rescue workers were notified of the crash that occurred on US Route 5 near the intersection of Kinsey Road, in Barton.

Police say Ed Seadale exhibited signs of intoxication and was ultimately arrested and processed for DUI.

Roger Pray, 80, of Orleans, was the driver in the second vehicle and was immediately transported to North Country Hospital for treatment for minor injuries.

According to the police report, Seadale was traveling south and Pray was traveling northbound.

“Evidence at the scene indicated Seadale operated his vehicle left of the centerline and collided with Pray in the oncoming lane,” a statement issued by Sgt. Andrew Jensen reads.

Both vehicles were unable to be driven from the scene.

Barton/Orleans Fire Department, as well as Orleans EMS, assisted at the scene.

Christmas trees stolen from farm in Barton

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — Police are investigating the theft of brush and Christmas trees from a tree farm in Barton, and the owner is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest.

The owner of the farm told police that an unknown individual or individuals had gained access to his property on Fulton Lane through a locked gate by cutting the lock, sometime around November 23.

“The toughest part of the whole thing is that most people don’t know how much time and effort it takes to grow a Christmas tree,” owner Greg Dowd said. “Trees only grow about one foot a year, so it takes seven to ten years to have a nice seven or eight-foot tree. And that’s if everything goes well.”

Dowd says those responsible stole several thousand dollars worth of Christmas trees and brush from his property, as well as a game camera which he was using for security purposes.

He is offering the $1,000 reward to help find out who did this.

Police say the investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to please the Sheriff’s Department at 802-334-3333.

“It’s very discouraging when something like this happens,” Dowd added.

Police: Driver failed to stop, crashed into snowbank

in Barton/Newport/News

NEWPORT — A 37-year-old woman from Barton will have to answer to charges after police say she failed to pull over during a traffic stop in Newport.

At around 4:00 p.m. on Wednesday, the Orleans County Sheriff’s Department attempted to stop a dark-colored sedan.

The driver was identified as Sherllynn Cote.

Police allege Cote accelerated rapidly and failed to stop at the intersection of 191 and Western Avenue In Newport.

The vehicle turned onto Clyde Street where it lost control and struck a snowbank.

Newport Police assisted the Sheriff’s Department when conducting the stop.

The occupants of the vehicle were detained while the investigation was completed.

Cote was issued a citation in Orleans Superior Court for a later date. 

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Barton native breaks the ice aboard Coast Guard ship

in Barton/Newport/News/Northeast Kingdom

When Shannon Eubanks graduated Lake Region Union High School in Barton, Vermont, she did so surrounded by people she had grown up with for years.

During her childhood, the small New England town was Eubank’s playground for a myriad of outdoor activities, such as snowboarding and hiking; and often times, her middle school class would take breaks to ski during the school day.

As Eubanks would describe it, Barton was the kind of small town where everyone knew each other. Little did she know at the time, she would later surround herself with a similar close-knit group of people on a polar icebreaker in the Arctic Ocean.

The youngest of three, her parents met and married while they were waiting to go to school to become radiomen in the U.S. Coast Guard After serving 10 years, her mother left the service, and her father retired after serving 20.
It would only seem fitting for Eubanks to follow in her parent’s footsteps. It eventually happened, but she ended up having to seek out the opportunity, rather than feeling the pressure to continue her parents’ tradition.

“I never thought I was going to join the military,” Eubanks said. “I didn’t even give it much thought growing up. My parents liked to keep their work life separate from their personal life. They never pressured me into joining the Coast Guard, but when I started thinking about what I wanted to do with my life, I began asking them questions.”

She considered the other military branches, but the Coast Guard appealed to her because of their lifesaving mission. Once she made the decision to enlist, Eubanks traveled six hours to visit the nearest recruiting office.
At 19 years old, Eubanks raised her right hand, took the oath of enlistment and headed to basic training in Cape May, New Jersey.

Three years later, Eubanks is now a third class petty officer stationed aboard the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Healy – a 420-foot polar icebreaker homeported in Seattle and one of only two icebreakers in U.S. service. Each summer, Eubanks deploys in the Arctic with a team of scientists to assist them in conducting scientific research.

As a boatswain’s mate aboard the ship, she is in charge of piloting the ship’s small boats, standing watch on the ship’s bridge and supervising a small workforce of enlisted members. With the lives and safety of her fellow shipmates at stake, it’s a responsibility Eubanks doesn’t take lightly, and it often takes her out of her comfort zone.

“Military service can be a bit of a challenge,” Eubanks said. “At times, you have to take on different personalities you wouldn’t normally display. You also have to force yourself to be more responsible because you have a more responsible role.”

Despite the serious nature of her job, Eubanks’ personality is hard to miss. She’s often heard before she’s seen by singing Simon and Garfunkel tunes or 90s rock hits, and she wears a smile as if it were a uniform requirement. In fact, her bubbly personality earned her the nickname Giggles – a name that is memorialized on the back of her hard hat in thick, black lettering that reads “Gigls” for short.

“She’s a very bubbly person, and it radiates to those around her,” Eubanks’ supervisor, Chief Petty Officer Nathan Poppink, said. “It has a cascading effect on everyone she works with.”

However, below that infectious personality lies an ambition and drive, and her hard work has not gone unnoticed.

“She’s very passionate and proactive in her work,” Poppink said. “In the year and a half I’ve known her, she has really improved, and she is ready to make that next step to be a second class petty officer and beyond.”

Whether she blasting a 90’s chart-topper or piloting a small boat through the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean with a team of scientists in her boat, Eubank’s bubbly personality and drive only serve to highlight her future ambitions.

She plans to apply to Officer Candidate School at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy and hopes to be a rescue pilot where she can continue to work toward the very goals that attracted her to the service – to save lives.

Story and Photos by NyxoLyno Cangemi, U.S. Coast Guard.

210 hemp plants stolen in Barton

in Barton/Brownington/Newport/News

BARTON — Police are investigating the theft of a large amount of hemp in Barton.

On Wednesday morning, police were notified that approximately 210 drying hemp plants were taken along with various power tools, from the location.

Police say the loss is estimated to be in excess of $15,000.

According to the report, the victim was identified as Robert Butterfield, of Brownington.

It’s believed the offenders may have transported the plants out of the area by truck and trailer on Wednesday.

The victims are offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the offenders.

Anyone with information or who may have witnessed the incident is asked to contact Trooper Drew at 334-8881.

Police investigating second incident involving a man approaching a juvenile

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — Police are investigating a suspicious incident that occurred today in Barton, in which a juvenile was approached by an adult male.

The incident took place on Route 16 in Barton, near Roaring Brook Road.

Police say a 16-year-old juvenile male reported he was walking to work at around 10:00 a.m. when he was passed by a maroon colored Chrysler Sebring convertible with Vermont plates.

The driver sounded his horn and then drove by again, this time stopping, rolling down his window and asking if the juvenile needed a ride.

The juvenile declined, and the male exited the vehicle, opened the passenger door, and grabbed the juvenile forcefully by both his arms, asking again if he wanted a ride.

The juvenile was able to break free and run to his place of employment.

Police say the person of interest was last seen traveling south on Route 16, towards the I-91 on-ramps.

The man was described as being a white male in his late 50s or early 60s, with salt and pepper hair, thin in build and approximately 5’09”, wearing blue jeans, eyeglasses and a long-sleeved shirt.

This incident took place after a similar incident was reported yesterday in Newport.

Anyone who may have witnessed this incident, the vehicle or person of interest, or who may have information regarding the individual’s identity is asked to contact police at 802-334-8881.

Police: Barton man assaulted officers

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — An incident in Barton closed down a section of Vermont Route 16 and Roaring Brooke Road late this morning, leaving a 38-year-old man facing charges.

Police say Anthony Sirois of Barton is being charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and assault of a law enforcement officer.

The incident started at around 11:20 a.m. when 911 calls started coming in of a man with a handgun walking in the area of Roaring Brook Road.

When troopers arrived, the man was identified as Sirois.

Police say they encountered him at the intersection of Roaring Brook and Vermont Route 16, along with a female companion.

Due to the nature of the complaint, Sirois was taken into custody, when police say he exhibited “profane, disorderly and tumultuous behavior, resulting in his arrest for disorderly conduct.”

During his arrest and attempts to secure him in the patrol car, he allegedly resisted and became assaultive towards the arresting troopers, striking them.

Sirois was ultimately secured but police say both he and the arresting troopers sustained minor injuries.

The incident caused the intersection of the two roads to be closed for a brief period.

According to the report, no firearm was located on any person or in the area, and police say there is no further evidence there is one outstanding at this time.

Man arrested hiding in woods off I-91 after fleeing traffic stop

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — Police say they arrested a man who fled into the woods after a traffic stop on I-91 early this morning in Barton.

At around 12:43 a.m., a state police trooper attempted to stop a vehicle illegally entering a U-turn near mile marker 161.

According to police, as the vehicle stopped the driver fled on foot to the nearby woods.

The driver was later identified as Syman Belmore, 42, of Lowell. He was apprehended in the woods with the assistance of a K-9 unit.

Syman was transported to Derby where he was charged and processed for DUI and attempting to elude.

He was released on a citation to appear in court in September to answer the charges.

Barton man injured in crash

in Barton/News

BARTON — A 47-year-old Barton man was injured in a single-vehicle crash late last night.

At around 11:45 p.m. police responded to the crash on Eastern Avenue, in the town of Barton.

The driver of the 2012 Toyota truck was identified as Allan Arel.

Police say Arel left the roadway striking a telephone pole, and a tree.

He was transported to North Country Hospital before being taken to Dartmouth-Hitchcock due to the injuries sustained in the crash.

Lake Region graduate shot to death in Barre

in Barton/News/Northeast Kingdom

BARRE – A 29-year-old graduate of Lake Region Union High School was allegedly shot to death by her ex-boyfriend, who then took his own life in Barre on Wednesday.

According to Barre police, Luke Lacroix, 30, was brandishing a handgun when he barged into the apartment of his ex-girlfriend, Courtney Gaboriault.

Once inside, a struggle ensued with Fred Longchamp, a friend of Gaboriault’s.

Longchamp was able to break free and call the police, who arrived on the scene as multiple gunshots rang out.

Gaboriault came stumbling out of the building, police say, and was pulled to a safe location.

She had multiple gunshot wounds and died at the scene a short time later.

Police found Lacroix dead from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Gaboriault worked for The Vermont Department of Public Safety for nearly five years with the Vermont Crime Information Center.

She was born and raised in Vermont and graduated from Lake Region Union High School in Barton in 2007.

In 2011 she earned a bachelor’s degree in human services from what was then Lyndon State College.

Her parents, younger sister and extended family live in the Northeast Kingdom and central Vermont.

“This was another senseless act perpetrated by a man who sought to control and dominate another person,” said Thomas D. Anderson, commissioner of Public Safety.

At the Department of Public Safety, Gaboriault was known for her good humor, her love of animals and her commitment to helping others.

“She was always happy to help a co-worker with any issue. She brought a sense of joy to her work and her co-workers every day,” said Jeffrey Wallin, director of the Vermont Crime Information Center. “Her loss is keenly felt by her colleagues and all whose lives she touched. The thoughts of everyone who knew and worked with Courtney are with her family and friends.”

Runners brave the heat in Newport

in Barton/Newport/News

NEWPORT — Individuals and families, young and old alike took on the Harry Corrow Freedom Run yesterday.

This was the second year the course was run exclusively on the gravel portion of the Newport-Derby Bike Path with 3.5 miles of trails in the Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation system.

Cole Alexander, 14, of Glover, was back from last year breaking his own record in the 5km with a time of 19 minutes and 10 seconds, beating out his older brother by a minute.

Lincoln Racine, 11, from Barton, won the 10km among the males with a time of 56.30.

Brooke Whitworth, 36, of Newport, set the female course record in the 10-mile distance, with a time of 1.25.13.

Hannah Cornelius, 33, of Newport, set a female course record in the 10km with a time of 49 min and 43 sec.

The star of the day was reservist Anna B. Clark, 26, of Rhinebeck, NY, presently stationed in St. Albans, who ran the entire 10-mile course under a heavy sun in her Army fatigues and carrying a “Don’t Tread on Me” flag.

She finished in 1.58.40. She was joined by fellow reservist Tom Graham, 58 of Bocsawen, NH who finished just behind her.

Several families were out in force, including the Campbell family of Waban, Mass, who took part in the 5km, and the Briggs family of Wooster, Ohio, who doubled their numbers from last year in the 1-mile distance.

Organizers say 2- percent of this year’s registration fees were donated to support the Memphremagog Ski Touring Foundation.

Barton resident killed in single-vehicle crash on I-91

in Barton/News

BARTON — A 24-year-old Barton resident was killed in a single-vehicle crash on I-91 early this morning.

Police say at around 1:15 a.m. they received a report of a person attempting to flag down drivers along the Interstate in Sheffield.

Troopers responded to the scene of the crash.

The passenger was identified as Madeline Olsen. She was transported to NVRH with what police say were non-life threatening injuries by Lyndon Rescue.

Police say the driver, identified as Justin Darling, was located down a steep embankment, deceased.

According to the report, Darling was traveling northbound in the left lane when the vehicle left the roadway, struck several wire guardrails, and traveled down the embankment striking several trees.

Darling and Olsen were both ejected from the vehicle.

The investigation is on-going at this time.

Tour bus crash on I-91 sends Coventry man to hospital

in Barton/coventry/Newport/News

BARTON — A 41-year-old man from Coventry was injured after crashing into a tour bus on Friday.

At around 7:35 a.m. police were notified of the crash, south on Interstate 91 in the town of Barton.

Police say Terry Degreenia had just entered the on-ramp in Barton when he left the travel lane, sliding sideways and striking the bus.

The bus was traveling in the passing lane and was hit in the front bumper.

Degreenia’s Ford F150 left the roadway and came to an uncontrolled rest in the median, facing north.

Degreenia was transported to North Country Hospital to be treated for his injuries.

The tour bus was driven from the scene.

Police say none of the passengers on the bus were injured.

Michael Scott of Barton named Vermont’s Warden of the Year

in Barton/News/Northeast Kingdom

BARTON — Michael Scott of Barton has been named Vermont’s State Game Warden of the Year.

A game warden since 2014, Scott received the award in recognition of his excellent service from Governor Phil Scott on May 23 in Montpelier.

“I want to thank Michael for his outstanding performance in protecting Vermont’s fish and wildlife resources and serving the people of Vermont,” said Governor Scott.

Warden Michael Scott’s district includes the towns of Lowell, Albany, Irasburg, Glover, and Barton.

Warden Scott previously was honored for his heroism in attempting to save the life of an angler who had fallen through the ice on Lake Willoughby.

Scott ran across the thin ice with a rescue line before breaking in himself and held the angler while bystanders pulled them to shore.

“Warden Scott effectively enforces hunting, fishing and trapping laws,” said Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Louis Porter. “In 2017 he arrested the offender in the notorious ‘moose dragging’ case in which a violator shot and killed a lactating cow moose, likely orphaning her calf, and dragging the carcass 12 miles behind his truck — leaving it to waste beside the road. This case drew national attention and, as a result, the largest monetary donation to Vermont’s “Operation Game Thief” in history.”

Shotgun blasts at smoke detector in Barton

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — A Barton man who complained about frequent false alarms from a smoke detector near his kitchen, took it upon himself to relocate it with two shotgun blasts.

Leroy Mason, 68, is being charged with aggravated assault with a weapon, and reckless endangerment following the incident on Monday evening.

At around 5:00 p.m. police responded to a report of a situation in Barton involving the use of a firearm at a fire scene at 327 Main Street.

Police say Mason had fired a 20-gauge shotgun twice inside his apartment at his fire alarm, striking an adjoining wall to an occupied neighboring apartment.

Mason has complained in the past about frequent false alarms with the smoke detector and was upset that fire crews would not “relocate” the detector, police say.

Mason took it upon himself to relocate the device.

Mason rearmed himself with a Colt 45 handgun and went outside, actively pointing the pistol at first responders and demanding the return of his shotgun, police say.

There was a brief standoff between Mason and first responders before he was tackled and disarmed.

No injuries were reported during the incident.

Police say the shotgun had three unfired rounds left in the magazine, and one spent cartridge in the chamber.

A second spent cartridge was located on scene.

The pistol had a loaded magazine with seven rounds, but the chamber did not contain a bullet.

Mason was arrested on suspicion of felony aggravated assault with a weapon and misdemeanor reckless endangerment.

Judge Robert Bent ordered Mason jailed without bail pending his release to a court-approved adult supervisor.

He is scheduled to be arraigned at today at 1 p.m.

Woman injured after car hits horse in Sutton

in Barton/Newport/News/Sutton

BARTON — A woman was sent to the hospital after a car she was riding in hit a horse in Sutton.

At around 9:00 p.m. police and Barton/Orleans firefighters were notified that a vehicle had hit a horse on US Route 5 near the Barton town line.

A 2006 Saturn being driven by Andrew Reynard, 49, of Newport, was located in a snow bank north of the roadway with front-end damage.

According to the report, horsehair was also observed on the vehicle.

Police say Reynard had been traveling west when two horses ran into the roadway. He was unable to avoid hitting one of them.

Firefighters were able to locate a horse with minor injuries consistent with having been struck at a nearby residence.

The owner was contacted and advised of the incident.

The owner told police it appeared the horse would be fine.

A female passenger suffered injuries as a result of the crash and was transported to NVRH by Lyndon Rescue.

Reynard was also seen at NVRH, and his vehicle was towed from the scene.

Two-vehicle crash in Barton

in Barton/Brownington/News

BARTON — Police were called to the scene of a two-car crash in Barton on Sunday morning.

The incident took place on Vermont Route 58, at around 9:30 a.m.

The drivers were identified as Nathaniel Mason, 18, of Morrisville, and Timothy Guyette, 52, of Brownington.

Police say Mason was headed west when he crossed left of center and struck Guyette.

The vehicles came to rest off the roadway, to the right of the eastbound lane of travel.

Both vehicles were towed from the scene due to damage, but police say both drivers were uninjured.

According to the report, Guyette had a criminally suspended license and was issued a citation.

Arrests made following attempted robbery at Barton Circle K

in Barton/Derby Line/Newport/News

BARTON — Police say they have arrested two men in connection with an attempted armed robbery at the Circle K gas station in Barton.

State Police, with the assistance of the Newport Police Department, took Zachariah Rathburn, 21, and Hezekiah McCullough, 22, both of Derby Line, into custody.

Rathburn has been charged with assault and robbery, and was lodged at the Northern State Correctional Facility (NSCF) for lack of $10,000 bail.

McCullough has been charged with accessory aiding in the commission of a felony and was also lodged at the NSCF for lack of $75,000 bail.

At around 3:00 a.m. on Tuesday, police responded to the gas station after a man entered the store brandishing a handgun and demanding money from a store clerk.

The clerk did not turn over any money and chased the robber from the store.

Both men are due in Orleans Criminal Court today at 12:30 p.m.

Police say the investigation is ongoing, and anyone with further information is asked to contact State Police Derby barracks or the Newport Police Department.

Circle K in Barton robbed at gunpoint

in Barton/Newport/News

BARTON — Police say someone robbed the Circle K in Barton early this morning.

At around 3:00 a.m. police responded to the gas station on Main Street for the report of an attempted armed robbery.

During the investigation, it was determined that an unknown white male entered the store brandishing a handgun, and demanded money from a store clerk.

The clerk, 52-year-old Lester Bousquet of West Burke, did not turn over any money and chased the robber from the store.

Police say no injuries were reported.

The suspect fled the scene in a grey Dodge Ram truck.

The investigation is ongoing at this time, and anyone with information is asked to contact police.

Pick-up truck stolen in Glover

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GLOVER — Authorities are currently investigating the theft of a pick-up truck in Glover.

Police say they received a call from 74-year-old Glenn Lafont advising that sometime between 10:30 p.m. last night, and 8:30 a.m. Monday morning, someone stole his blue 2006 Ford F250 pick-up truck from his driveway, located on Bean Hill Road.

The truck was bearing a Vermont truck registration BGR785.

The truck has a yellow Fisher snow plow on the front, black fender flares, and a yellow “12” inspection sticker.

Anyone with information regarding this theft or the location of the truck is asked to contact Cpl Amy LeClair at 802-334-8881.

On January 18, police received a similar call from a resident on High Street in Barton, who reported a mini-van was stolen from their driveway sometime during the night.

During that incident, the keys were left in the vehicle and it was later recovered undamaged on Chamberlin Hill Road later that morning.

J.P. Sicard wins statewide award for second year in a row

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BARTON — In December, the AGC/VT’s 20th Annual Best Builders Award ceremony took place, and for the second time in a row Barton-based J.P. Sicard was an award winner.

AGC/VT looks for certain criteria when choosing the honoree. The winning business must show innovation, new techniques, and community service and volunteerism among other things.

J.P Sicard fit the bill by finishing before deadline, working in challenging conditions with flexibility and dedication, working with landowners and officials to leave affected properties in even better shape than what they were before the project began, and by replacing an 80 year-old bridge system with an innovative one never before used in the state of Vermont.

The project that Sicard sent for award consideration was one completed for the Vermont Agency of Transportation. It required Sicard crews to replace an aging bridge at Route 2B over the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail.

Project Manager Patrick Uhsmann and Project Superintendent Timothy Crown, along with the rest of the staff, had their work cut out for them but were up to the challenge.

“There were only 50 days to close the road and complete the removal and replacement of the Route 2B Bridge over a heavily used segment of the Lamoille Valley Rail Trail,” Jason Sicard said. “When we began, we knew there would be significant challenges. We had 50 days to complete the project, but thanks to everyone’s willingness to do what they had to do, we finished in just 45 days.”

One reason J.P. Sicard won the award last year was the company’s close connection to the community members their work and presence affected. The same was true this year.

Landowner and St. Johnsbury Select board member Tom Moore was beyond pleased with the process and the result.

“I had one of the main entrances to the project, and J.P. Sicard employees communicated with me every day,” Moore said. “I watched every step of what they did. Not only did they put the property in perfect order when they finished, they went above and beyond, taking suggestions from me like planting wildflower seeds in some areas. In fact, when they left they actually improved some of the areas on my property that needed better drainage.”

Perhaps the icing on the cake for J.P. Sicard was their opportunity to work with something new to the state of Vermont. The aging bridge was replaced with a new corrugated metal plate arch and reinforced Mechanically Stabilized Earth walls.

The new design requires strict specifications for backfill material and geotechnical monitoring of soil settlement of the earthen walls.

VTrans will document and test this new metal arch and wall system in hopes of adding it to the approved products list for future projects.

“To be involved in a project that has potential to create more efficient bridge designs for the state was an extraordinary opportunity,” Jason Sicard said.

Arrest made in Barton burglary case

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BARTON — Police say they have made an arrest after a burglary that took place at a residence on Hollow Road in Barton, on December 22.

Timothy Roberts, 38, of Barton, was arrested on Thursday after police say they received a tip that a man, matching the description from the burglary, had been seen walking house to house on Lake Region Road.

Troopers responded to the area and spoke with the man, later identified as Roberts, and say he was wearing some of the clothing that appeared to match the clothing in the burglary.

Further investigation revealed Roberts was in possession of the army jacket seen in the surveillance footage.

Roberts was arrested and transported to Derby for processing. He was lodged at Northern State Correctional Facility on $15,000 bail.

This morning, the Vermont State Police say they conducted a search warrant at Roberts home at 390 Lake Region Road.

They say the search warrant resulted in finding the Carhartt hat and black mask used in the burglary.

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