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Shots fired in Derby Line, suspect arrested at local bar

DERBY LINE — A 25-year-old man from Derby Line is behind bars after police say he fired a gun during an altercation yesterday.

Troopers responded to multiple 911 calls reporting a fight in progress with shots fired at an address on Main Street in Derby Line.

Police say Tucker Jacobs had been involved in a fight, at which time it is alleged he pulled a gun, threatened to kill another individual, and fired the weapon outside the residence.

Jacobs was on pre-trial bail status for several pending cases, and as a result was the subject of numerous active court-ordered conditions of release regarding firearms, alcohol, and 24-hour curfews.

Troopers searched the area but were unable to locate him at the time.

Later that afternoon, a tip was received that Jacobs was spotted at a local bar in Derby.

Troopers responded and say Jacobs was armed with two loaded handguns, and consuming alcohol.

Police say he was swiftly taken into custody without incident.

Jacobs was processed and ordered held on $200 bail.

Police say the case is under investigation and at this time there is no evidence that the weapon was fired at any person.

Jacobs faces charges of violating conditions of release for firearm possession, curfew, alcohol possession, and criminal threatening.

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