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Closed for almost 8 years, Albany general store to reopen Thursday

ALBANY — After nearly eight years, the Albany General Store is ready to reopen this Thursday.

The store, which needed to be renovated after a fire in 2013, will open its doors at 7:00 a.m.

The Albany General Store closed in August of 2013 and was sold in 2018 to the Albany Community Trust.

The group saw the store as a basic building block for the prosperity of the town.

They ended up raising close to $800,000, about half of which came from local individuals and local events.

The new store will offer staples such as groceries, deli food, and coffee.

It will have a seating area, and buckets of fried chicken will be served on Fridays, as well as an evolving menu including breakfast burritos, Jamaican jerk dishes, and maple milkshakes.

Since the fire, Albany, a town of under one thousand residents, had been without a store to buy grocery staples, baked goods, coffee, gas, beverages, newspapers, or even a place to gather with family and friends.

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