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Museum of Everyday Life looking for lists and notes for upcoming exhibition

GLOVER — The Museum of Everyday Life in Glover is seeking submissions for an upcoming exhibition featuring lists and notes, which will open on Saturday, July 17.

The museum says that lists and notes can include many things, from sociological artifacts to poems or containers of obscure stories.

A statement from the museum regarding the upcoming exhibition reads:

“They can be richly laden with personal resonances, or cold reflections of an entirely impersonal world. We will consider lists of all kinds – to-dos, grocery lists, instruction lists, inventories, packing lists, guest lists, attendance lists, lists of ingredients, waiting lists, setlists, not to mention the notorious bucket list. We welcome footnotes, love notes, endnotes, break-up notes, memos, research notes. So don’t be shy, send in random odd notes you come across in daily life, even standard classics like “back in five minutes.” We consider a note to be any kind of brief, mostly handwritten message.”

Participants are reminded that the museum is a self-service institution and does not always have staff on hand, so the safety and security of donated objects cannot be guaranteed.

The Deadline for Submissions is June 6.

The museum says they are also inviting community participation in the exhibit installation.

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