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Carl P. King, candidate for mayor of Newport City

My name is Carl P. King and I am announcing my candidacy for mayor of Newport.

I and other community members strongly feel that it is time for a change in mayoral leadership and that a new face is very much needed.

We believe I am the right candidate with leadership skills, solutions, and ideas in and outside of the box that will help city council and city management drive Newport into a prosperous future.

* I intend on addressing the tax issue as well as focusing on creating and building ties with other states to promote our beautiful city and all it has to offer and its many potentials.

In order to bring about the much-needed revenues which will help offset the tax rate, we as a city have an obligation to seek out new sources and to promote Newport.

We also have an obligation to our city/community to encourage property and business owners to keep a standard that reflects positively upon Newport and its vision.

I have skills in these areas that will be absolutely necessary to successfully negotiate and broker new ties and connections with businesses and developers in order to bring jobs to our city and to bring about tourism and recreational activities that will help this city become a destination.

* I will work hard to keep our precious landmarks and city treasures from neglect and ruin. Offer the community opportunities to help participate and preserve. This will encourage community unity and bonding forging a fellowship with a purpose.

* I will address our schools. I believe our education system needs to be top-notch in order to be viable to the workforce that is becoming more technical and fast pace. “Send them off prepared.”

* I will establish a TEEN CENTER that this community so desperately needs. A place where our children, youth, and especially our teenagers will want to come to. This will be a strong, positive tool for working parents.

* I will be a mayor who is approachable, likable, open-minded, cooperative spirit, hard-working, diligent, fun, creative, entertain bold ideas, witty, interactive, respectful, honorable, empathy, validation, kindness, works well with others, and most importantly I am.

“I encourage community involvement and input, for I believe the answers and solutions are there.

I have lived in and around this community for 30 years.

I proudly served 2yrs in the Vermont National Guard as an M1 Abrams tank crewman here in Newport and received an Honorable Discharge.
I proudly served 2yrs in the ACTIVE Army as an Engineer.

I received an Honorable Discharge.

I am a member of a local church, sitting on two committees.

I have given back to our community throughout the years in many volunteering capacities.

I have donated my time, talents, and treasures to help others when and wherever I can.

I provide rides to and from appointments/grocery shopping for our VETERAN and ELDERLY community members at no cost.

I mentor and encourage our neighborhood youth.

Thank You for Your support and vote, see you at the polls on March 2nd.

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