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Newport Mayor Paul Monette Announces Re-election Campaign

Mayor Paul Monette recently announced his decision to run for re-election as Mayor of the City of Newport. He released the following statement today:

Much has been accomplished over the past several years under my leadership and in 2020, despite the Covid pandemic, the City continued to see successes.

Newport City continued to operate and provide city services at the level to which our residents have become accustomed even during these unprecedented challenges caused by the global pandemic.

The City’s priority was and is to keep our employees safe while continuing to work towards the many projects we have on deck to transform Newport into a renowned tourist destination.

The projects include working on the leg of the Prouty Beach Connector to the Bluffside Farm Recreation Path; the Gardner Park Playground Improvement Project; the installation of an EV car charging station; a Downtown Transportation Grant that will improve and make safer the Main and Second Street intersection and draw people towards our beautiful waterfront; the design and engineering for the Waterfront Mall intersection located on the causeway which was made possible by a $250,000 Northern Borders Grant.

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These multiple projects are intended to work towards a major transformation to entice responsible development and draw new dollars into our City.

Our Downtown is kept looking clean and the investment in our landscaping beautification efforts are paying off to showcase this beautiful City at its finest, and as a source of pride for our taxpayers.

Newport is becoming famous for our beautiful landscaping which has been recognized not only around Vermont but in the United States.

This past May was the first season of welcoming ATVs on our city streets which turned out to be highly successful, bringing in new business during the pandemic while the rest of the country was quarantined.

Newport continues to be recognized around the state for our work on the outdoor recreational economy as evidenced by being designated the #1 Basecamp spot in Vt. Outdoor Business Alliance Exploration Challenge.

Our infrastructure and city services remain top-notch and ready to take on new development.

Our Water and Wastewater systems are highly functioning with recent and future investments into these systems demonstrating our willingness and ability to take on new development.

These critical investments show that Newport City is Open for Business!

As Mayor I spend countless hours each week studying, working, and advocating with our colleagues in the City, regionally, the State Capital, our grant funders, and other key stakeholders.

I will continue to stay current on legislation, technology, work with the Mayor’s Coalition, the Vt. League of Cities and Towns and will continue my advocacy for economic development for our Downtown Designation.

I look forward to serving another 2 years to see these projects and many others through to completion, as well as continuing to work for and with our taxpayers to see that the City’s transformation is affordable and benefits all.

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