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Friday, October 15, 2021

Statement on COVID-19 Vaccine by Brian Nall, President & CEO North Country Hospital

This letter was submitted on behalf of the CEO, President of Medical Staff, and others at North Country Hospital.

To the Editor:

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With the arrival of the much-anticipated initial doses of the COVID-19 vaccine at North Country Hospital, we are well aware of the extreme sacrifices our staff and the community have made during these last 10 months.

We stand in full support of this vaccine, which has been approved by the FDA for emergency use authorization. Our hope is that early in 2021, following the guidance of the Vermont Department of Health, individuals will have an opportunity to receive the first dose and then three to four weeks later will receive the second dose, depending on the specific vaccine.

For now, it is too early in the process to know when Vermont will distribute vaccine for the general population. NCH will continue to advocate for vaccinating our community.

We want to be able to do those normal things again, such as gather with friends and family, hold someone’s hand, play or be a spectator at sports, hug our child or grandchild. In order for that sense of normalcy to return, accepting this vaccine is a step towards that.

For whenever the State makes vaccines available, here are some additional compelling reasons to receive the COVID-19 vaccine:

• Getting vaccinated can help prevent getting sick with COVID-19
• Vaccination will be a safer way to help build protection against this virus
• The vaccine has a 90-95% efficacy rate
• There is no charge to the patient

Stay well and continue to be safe,

Brian Nall, President & CEO
Steven Perlin, MD, President, Medical Staff
John Lippmann, MD, Medical Director, North Country Primary Care
Megan Sargent, RN, Vice President of Patient Care Services
Amy Kimball, RN, Infection Preventionist

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