Despite COVID, Kingdom Games raises over $8K for local charities in 2020

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DERBY — Despite being limited to only three events this year, Kingdom Games still managed to help raise $8,678 for two local charities.

The two local charities included Umbrella, which serves and advocates for survivors of domestic and interpersonal violence, and The Halo Foundation, which provides support for cancer patients and their families.

At the Memphremagog Winter Swim Festival, swimmers and volunteers wrote the name of a cancer victim or survivor on biodegradable ribbons.

Participants tossed them in the pool and swam through them for the remainder of the afternoon, raising a total of $456 for Halo.

Although unable to host the annual Dandelion Run this past May because of Covid-19, the organization went virtual, inviting members to run, walk, bike, swim, kayak, or row their miles over the course of 8 days and donate $1 per mile to Umbrella.

With over 150 people sending reports and pictures of their movements, the group helped raise about $7,250 for Umbrella.

After a summer of small, socially distanced swimming groups, Kingdom Games finished off the year with the annual Fly to Pie.

In total, 80 runners, walkers, and bike riders made their way in staggered starts.

Through 20 percent of the registration fees, they raised another $972 for The Halo Foundation.

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