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Saturday, October 16, 2021

Letter: Sims is Creative and Practical

This letter was submitted by Penelope Doherty of Craftsbury.

I began visiting NEK 7 years ago, then moved here for my mom. In that time, through community meetings and individual interactions, I’ve become very impressed with the capabilities of Katherine Sims. If the NEK is to sustain the way of life we all value so much, it’s critical for our leaders to understand today’s systems and resources and how to leverage them in our favor. Sims has clearly got that skillset.

We all want lower taxes, that’s a given. I trust Katherine Sims, a working mom who wants an affordable community for her boys’ future, to watch the bottom line. I trust her to fight for the things we need and cut the things we don’t.

Equally as important, in my thirty-plus years as a community engagement and program improvement specialist in local, state, and federal initiatives, I’ve rarely seen anyone pull together ideas, people, and resources the way Katherine Sims can – and with such balance and decency.

I’ve never seen her be disrespectful to anyone or say one thing in public then another behind closed doors. She practices integrity and transparency in her undertakings and succeeds because she listens to everyone’s needs and views, then works for a practical solution. She’ll serve us well in Montpelier.

Now more than ever we need practical, informed and innovative thinking to keep us afloat and moving ahead. Katherine Sims is about opportunity, not excess. She’s about balance and integrity. And as Tim Fritz so perfectly stated, she’s nice to boot.

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