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Barton man sentenced, North Troy man awaiting sentencing for fentanyl and cocaine conspiracy

BARTON — A Barton man was sentenced for conspiracy to distribute illegal narcotics, and a North Troy man who pled guilty earlier this year will be sentenced this week.

Luis Luna, 28, of Hartford, Connecticut, Edwin Martinez, aka “Pino”, 26, of Hartford, Connecticut, and Samuel Fuller, 34, of Barton, following guilty pleas to conspiracy to distribute fentanyl and cocaine base, were sentenced on Friday.

Luna was sentenced to 72 months in prison, Martinez to 72 months in prison, and Fuller to 24 months in prison.

According to court records, a fourth co-conspirator, James Bassett, 41, of North Troy, will be sentenced on July 31.

All four defendants pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to distribute more than 40 grams of fentanyl.

In addition, Fuller and Luna pleaded guilty to a conspiracy to distribute more than 28 grams of cocaine base.

Luna and Martinez pleaded guilty to a conspiracy stretching from December 2018 to June 2019, while Fuller and Bassett pleaded guilty to a conspiracy ending in May 2019.

According to publicly available information, Martinez was Luna’s fentanyl source in Hartford during the charged time period, and Luna, in turn, supplied Fuller with the fentanyl that originated with Martinez.

After making regular trips to Hartford and purchasing fentanyl from Luna, court records state that Fuller would return to Vermont and split the fentanyl with Bassett, who had provided the money for the purchase.

Court records state that Luna was Fuller’s cocaine base source and would then sell it in Vermont.

In addition to the charged time period, Luna and Martinez have a history of supplying opiates to Vermonters since approximately 2012, including Fuller, who investigators say has been making trips to Hartford to buy opiates since approximately 2016.

The Court noted Fuller’s addiction driven behavior during the conspiracy and his recovery since his arrest when explaining his sentence.

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