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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

NEK-TV channels moved up the dial

NEWPORT — NEK-TV Public Access Television’s channels haven’t gone away, they’ve just moved to a new section on your Comcast Cable guide.

NEK-TV will still offer the same great programming as before, just in a new location.

Channels 15 and 17 have moved up the dial to Channels 1078 and 1088.

Channels 15 and 17 are no longer available, so be sure to bookmark the new channels on your Comcast system to ensure you don’t miss your favorite programs.

“As Comcast expands their technological capabilities across the board, part of that requires that we move to the new 4 digit channel numbers on your cable guide,” said Tod Pronto, Executive Director of NEK-TV.

Pronto says that while this doesn’t mean they will be broadcasting in high definition just yet, it is one step closer, and when it is a possibility NEK-TV will be ready.

In the coming days, NEK-TV programming will also be included in the programming guide.

Where once you would only see the words “Local Programming,” soon you will see each individual program listed in the schedule.

“We are excited about this move forward and will continue to strive to provide the best local content possible,” Pronto said.

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