ATVs allowed to travel on select roads in Newport starting Friday

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NEWPORT — At the end of this week, all-terrain vehicles will be permitted to travel on select roadways in Newport.

The ordinance is set to start on Friday, May 15.

Newport police are warning riders that they will be taking an active role enforcing state and local ATV regulations and traffic laws.

“We are excited to welcome ATV recreation to the Newport area, but it’s important that ATV operators remain mindful of the regulations in place to maximize safety for everyone,” acting Newport Police Chief Bingham said.

The following town highways will be open to ATV traffic in both directions:

Highland Avenue to Third Street.
Third Street to Main Street.
Main Street over the Veterans Memorial Bridge to access Glenn Road and to access Western Avenue.
Western Avenue to access Main Street, as far as the intersection of East Main Street and Sias Avenue.
Main Street to the Causeway, including Union Street to access the Public Works Garage for a trailhead.
Union Street to Landing Street.
Main Street to Coventry Street to allow access to the trailhead at the recycling center.
From the Causeway up East Main Street to the intersection of Sias Avenue and Western Avenue.

ATV operators must possess a valid driver’s license in order to operate on town highways, and should remember that they are expected to adhere to all posted signs, including speed limits.

Rider must wear a U.S. Department of Transportation approved helmet, unless their vehicle is equipped with seat belts and those seat belts are in use.

Additionally, ATVs operating on permitted town highways must have at least one working headlight, taillight, and brakes, as well as a muffler and exhaust system that keeps the vehicle’s maximum noise output below 82 decibels from 50 feet away.

To read the full ordinance on ATV operation, click here.

Anyone with questions about ATV use on public ways should contact the Newport Police Department directly at 802-334-6733.

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