Newport police union voted “no confidence” in Chief DiSanto

in Newport/News

NEWPORT — In a letter submitted to city officials on March 10, twelve members of Newport’s police union expressed their concerns about Chief Seth DiSanto, encouraging them to consider their views before extending his contract.

The union told officials that the majority of their members had voted “no confidence” in DiSanto.

In the letter, the union stated that they arrived at their decision based on the following concerns:

“Trust in ability to exercise effective leadership, clear judgment, present ability to navigate dangerous situations, treating officers in a fair and impartial manner regardless of personal differences, integrity, and bullying.”

The brief letter gives no specific details as to their list of concerns.

DiSanto has been chief since June of 2012.

He was placed on administrative leave on March 18.

Lt. Travis Bingham is serving as the acting chief in Newport at this time.

A copy of the full letter can be read below:

Newport Mayor & City Council,

We, the Union Police Officers and Dispatchers of the City of Newport (AFSCME Local 2413) have great respect for all persons that put on the uniform to serve our community.

However, we strongly feel that it is also our responsibility to express our views as to the leadership of the force.

Therefore, after sober reflection, through overwhelming majority of our members have voted NO CONFIDENCE in our Police Chief Seth DiSanto.

We have come to this difficult decision due to the following concerns:

• Trust in ability to exercise effective leadership
• Clear judgment
• Present ability to navigate dangerous situations
• Treating Officers in a fair and impartial manner regardless of personal differences
• Integrity
• Bullying
• We feel the core values (CPR) are not presently being reflected in daily action.

Let it be known that we have made this letter available to Chief DiSanto 24 hours before we are presenting this to the Mayor & City Council.

We further encourage the City of Newport to consider the concerns, expressed herein, prior to extending the present Chief’s contract.

We further encourage the City council to take any and all time needed prior to making a final decision.

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