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Thursday, August 18, 2022

NCH to hold screenings and limit entrance to ER

NEWPORT — Out of an abundance of caution, North County Hospital says they are implementing additional infection prevention measures.

Due to Coronavirus concerns at this time, anyone entering the hospital for any reason is asked to use the Emergency Room entrance.

For public safety, you will be asked screening questions at the Emergency Room entrance and all clinic locations.

Visitors are also now limited or restricted in most locations on the North Country Hospital campus.

Also, at this time no visitors are permitted at Derby Green.

The hospital volunteer program has been suspended and the WindowBox Gift Shop, run by volunteers, is closed until further notice.

Currently, all outside student rotations are on hold unless the student is a hospital employee.

As more limitations and cancellations are put in place at the hospital and in the community, NCH officials say the public should keep in mind that this is to lessen the spread and flatten the bell curve of the pandemic so that the local health system does not get overwhelmed.

“Social distancing 3-6 feet away from others, not shaking hands or touching others, avoiding congested areas, washing hands, not touching your face, staying home when ill, all help prevent or contain sickness and its spread,” a statement issued by the hospital reads.

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  1. The hospital may want to seriously consider a SMOKE-FREE CAMPUS…it’s appalling that a health care facility’s entrance way and waiting areas reak of tobacco even the so called health screener. It is nauseating.


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