Crop circles pop up in Newport

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NEWPORT — Saturday in Newport, the Recreation Committee hosted another successful fundraiser for the local Playground and Splashpad project.

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“Crop ‘til You Drop for Gardner Park” was met with enthusiasm as over 15 participants gathered in the Newport Municipal Gym for a day of crafting and camaraderie.

“Crop events are very popular in other states, especially for those who like to do scrapbooking,” said Jaime Comtois, who led the event for the Newport Recreation Committee. “Since it was our first time hosting an event like this in Newport, we decided to make it open to all crafters whether they wanted to come scrapbook, paint, knit or work on their latest sewing project.”

The goal was to have at least ten participants for this first-time event. On Saturday, almost 20 community members came out, and the group raised almost $500 for the project.

If you’ve never heard of a crop event, it’s essentially a social gathering where participants pay a fee, in this case, a $25 donation.

During long Vermont winter months, locals appreciate an opportunity to get out of the house, meet new people and mingle over common interests.

The day was spent sharing techniques, learning tips and for some, picking up a new art form.

Comtois and her fellow committee members even awarded door prizes and played a few games with participants before enjoying a bountiful potluck lunch.

“I’m always pleasantly surprised with the Rec Committee’s creativity when it comes to community events and fundraisers,” said Jessica Booth, Director of Parks & Recreation for the City of Newport. “I would have never come up with something like this, but everyone had a great time and kept asking when we could do it again.”

In response to the popular request, the Newport Recreation Committee scheduled another “Crop ‘til You Drop” event on Saturday, March 21, in the Newport Municipal Gym from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. to benefit the Gardner Park Playground & Splashpad project.

Community members interested in joining can register online at or call the Parks & Recreation office at (802)334-6345.

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