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North Country Hospital employees receive awards for years of service

NEWPORT — Each year North Country Hospital celebrates and awards those employees from five to 40 years of service in five-year increments.

In 2019, years of service totaled 1,255 years by 88 employees.

Earlier this fall hospital staff gathered at the Elks Club in Derby to honor each other and celebrate the many years of service.

Hospital VIP of the Year was awarded to Ken Dufour in their Information Systems department.

The VIP is selected by a committee of 12 employee peers who received ‘VIP of the month’ during 2018.

Earlier this year Lisa Wilson was awarded Derby Green Employee of the Year.

Master of Ceremonies Bill Perket, the Vice President of Human Resources, kept the evening rolling with such a big crowd of awardees, colleagues and guests.

Congratulations to the following hospital awardees:

40 Years: Nancy Carter, Ann Edgerley, Gigi Gobeil-Judd

35 Years: Julie Carrier

30 Years: Pauline Arnold, Joan Wheeler, Ron Holland, MD, Cheryl Demers, Lianne Kramer

25 Years: Wendy Hornby

20 Years: Carl Roberts, Pam Wilkins, Joanne Fedele, Susan Maxwell-Thompson, Karen Goodwin, Amanda Pratt, Paula Bean, Julie Taylor, Rizwan Haq, MD, Darcy Hammond, Heather Moulton, Connie Rath Kruszyna, Janellen Parker-Goodwin, Peter Stuart, MD, Gina Lyon, Deborah Brown, Penny Major, Amy Barrup, Amber Lucas.

15 Years: Jennifer Piette, Raymond Lucas, Lisa Anderson, Lori Tatro, Ann-Marie Dohn, Carmen Boudreau, Teri Fitzpatrick, Steven Hurd, Lucie McDaniel, Tracy Guillette

10 Years: Janet Blais, Sheb White, Katie Hadvab, Deborah LaMadeleine, Emily Jewett, Patricia Hughes, Kevin Lamere, John Pellizzari, Bobby Jo Rivard, Christie Aldrich, David Bourgeois, MD, Debora Gabucci, Megan Garrigan, Nancy Green, Amy Leroux, Elaine Wright, Pauline Mackey, Patrick Heaney, Tara Martinez, Rory Carr, Larry Sisson, MD, Kimberly Blanchard, Kristal Ohlinger-Wilson, Tammy Greene, Alicia Larose, Denise Currier, Sarah McIntosh, Matthew Tremblay, Chrstine Trees-Neuberger, Shelly Starr

5 Years:
Katrina Bennett, Laurie Geoffrey, Avril Cochran, David Gonthier, Cassandra Cota, John Harrington, Shanna Fortin, Leona Fitsch, Janice Christino, Suzanne Gibeault, Holly Converse, Michelle Gonthier, David Cunningham, Kayce Jones, Katelyn Meunier, Misty-Anne Koloski Umair Malik, MD, Andrew Torkelson, MD, Kathleen LaFratta.

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