Police: Newport woman arrested following break-in, property damage

in Newport/News

NEWPORT — The Newport Police Department says they arrested a woman Monday night following a break-in.

Jennifer Foster, 42, of Newport has been charged with burglary, resisting arrest, unlawful mischief, false reports to law enforcement, and disorderly conduct.

Police responded to a report from a Lake Road resident that a woman had come to his door with blood on her hands.

She allegedly left when the resident stated that he would be calling the police.

After investigating, police allege that Foster had broken into another man’s West Main Street residence directly behind the reporting party’s home before.

Police say she approached the reporting party’s door with injured hands and had damaged various furniture, including a bedside table, door, and shelves inside the West Main Street home.

Police believe it was in damaging the furniture the woman sustained injuries to her hands.

After leaving the reporting party’s home, Foster returned to the victim’s home, where officers found her not long after arriving on West Main Street.

The resident of the home indicated that she did not have permission to be inside the home and that he had not been home for several hours.

Police confirmed that the man had not been in the area until very recently, although Foster claimed in a statement to police that the man had injured her hands and stolen her cellphone.

Police say as they began to place her under arrest, she resisted by throwing an object at an officer and initially refused to be handcuffed before officers successfully restrained her and took her into custody.

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