Washington Electric Cooperative inviting public to Coventry Landfill generation plant

in Newport/News

COVENTRY — This Saturday, Washington Electric Co-op (WEC) is inviting its members and the public to tour its generation plant at Coventry Landfill.

Visitors are invited to learn how landfill gas is harnessed to become clean electricity that powers approximately 6,000 Vermont homes.

WEC’s Open House complements the Open House simultaneously hosted by Casella Waste Systems, owner and operator of Coventry Landfill.

Visitors to Coventry Landfill may enjoy facility tours, food, family activities, and door prizes.
Organizers say the event is on rain or shine.

About two-thirds of WEC’s electricity comes from its power plant that burns methane released from decomposing landfill waste.

Methane is a potent greenhouse gas if released into the atmosphere.

In landfills, this gas is considered a renewable resource.

The Coventry power plant captures methane to create electricity.

“We love showing people that in Vermont, garbage can be used to turn on your lights and charge your electric car,” said WEC General Manager Patty Richards. “Instead of just flaring and burning the methane, we work with our partners at Casella to keep methane out of the atmosphere and put it to good use.”

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