Town of Westmore to install cigarette “buttlers” on North End Beach

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WESTMORE — The Town of Westmore’s Select Board voted to install three Sidewalk Buttlers at the North End Beach of Lake Willoughby.

The decision came after a presentation from Westmore Association President Daniel Ian Smith and Northeastern Vermont Regional Hospital Prevention Specialist Tennyson Marceau.

Sidewalk Buttler, the company that builds the “smart receptacle” to remove toxic cigarette waste from the environment, are designed to be touch-free, collect cigarette butts and will aid in keeping the beach and water clean. 

“Cigarette butts contain many known cancer-causing chemicals and are still number one when it comes to litter and are highly toxic to our ecosystems,” said Marceau. “Sidewalk Buttler has given us a chance to reduce this waste and keep the natural beauty we all love in Vermont.”

The mission of the Westmore Association is to serve as a steward for the health and safety of Westmore’s lakes, mountains, and trails.

“We are faced with a significant increase in traffic at the north and south beaches of Willoughby Lake, which of course results in increased litter on the beaches,” said Smith. “We are committed to this mission and hope that these Buttlers will be one of many steps in keeping our lake access clean for all who come to visit.

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