AOT reports low fatality rate on Vermont highways in 2019

in Newport/News/Vermont

NEWPORT — According to a new report by the Agency of Transportation (AOT), Vermont has seen a low number of fatalities on the state’s highways for the year to date.


Statistically, Vermont experiences approximately 25-35 fatalities on its highways through the end of July.

This year, there have been 13 fatalities.

“While the reduction in the fatality rate so far this year is worth noting, we must be mindful that thirteen people lost their lives,” said Transportation Secretary Joe Flynn. “One fatality is one too many.”

The report suggests that there are several possible reasons for the lower fatality rate so far this year.

One predominant reason is that motorists are making better decisions.

AOT highway safety experts believe that there is greater public awareness about the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

“We need to be vigilant with our highway safety efforts to continue moving toward our goal of zero deaths,” said Keith Flynn, Manager of the Behavioral and Data Units in the State Highway Safety Office.

While the number of fatalities fluctuates from year to year, the low 2019 fatality date is noteworthy.

Through the end of July, in 2018, there were 36 fatalities; in 2017, there were 31; and in 2016, there were 36.

Lowering the fatality rate and reaching the goal of zero fatalities is a common effort. Each driver’s behavior affects everyone else on the road.

The AOT is asking all motorists to commit to one another and keep lowering fatalities by slowing down, putting phones away when we drive, and not driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

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