125 years at the Westmore Community Church celebration

in Vermont/Westmore

WESTMORE — The Westmore Community Church is inviting the community to join in for the 125-year anniversary celebration of the construction of the church building.


The event will take place on Sunday, August 4, with the church service beginning at 9:00 a.m., followed by a reception.

The church theme will be 1890s music, including attire and fellowship.

Ladies are encouraged to wear attire from the 19th century.

If men don’t have a top hat, one will be provided as you enter the church. The hat can be placed under the seat in the church, specifically designed during the 1894 construction to store top hats during the service.

Rev. Jay Sprout will lead the special church service.

Mark Violette and a group of talented musicians will perform favorite hymns and song of yesteryear.

The Westmore church was built in 1894.

The church lot was purchased for $25.

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