Letters: Vote to re-elect Sheriff Kirk Martin | by James H. Douglas, Scott Morley, Rebecca Boulanger, Shelia Martin

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Dear Orleans County voters,

I am pleased to support the re-election of Sheriff Kirk Martin. I was honored to appoint Sheriff Martin in 2008 to succeed Sheriff Lance Bowen and I’ve never regretted it.

Sheriff Martin has demonstrated his commitment to serving the community. He’s able to adapt to new circumstances and opportunities and he’s tackled issues that have arisen over the past 10 years.

Sheriff Martin has been a strong voice for Orleans County and is well-respected by his peers. He has the experience it takes to lead the Sheriff’s Department to realize its full potential. Based on his long and dedicated service, I hope you’ll re-elect Kirk Martin as Orleans County Sheriff.

James H. Douglas
Governor 2003 – 2011

Sheriff Kirk Martin “the finest of personal qualities”

Kirk Martin has been a very successful Sheriff any way you measure it.

I’ve reviewed the other letters supporting each candidate and the advertisements.

I’ve listened to my friends, neighbors and family members express their views.

A well-written letter, an eloquent speech or a catchy ad can support different views and make independent-minded people see each side.

I’ve boiled it all down for myself. Sheriff Martin has been in office for a number of years. The Sheriff’s Department is in better shape now than when he took office.

The business of the Department is currently very successful no matter what measurements are used.

Relationships are possibly the most important part of a successful Sheriff. This is Mr. Martin’s strongest asset.

From his own staff, to local contracts, to friends, neighbors, and family. Kirk is a strong man with natural leadership and the finest of personal qualities anybody can display.

I’m voting Kirk Martin for keeping our successful Sheriff’s Department going strong into the future.

Scott Morley: Coventry, VT

Remember to Vote on November 6th for the Candidate with Integrity, Dedication and a Proven Track Record. Vote to Re-elect Kirk Martin.

Kirk has dedicated his life to public service. His service began at a young age when he joined the Orleans Emergency Service and Orleans Fire Department. He eventually became the Assistant Fire Chief and learned to handle and maintain a sustainable budget for the department with the help of other dedicated members of the department.

Kirk was always interested in law enforcement; it was his career goal in his high school yearbook.

What you don’t see is all the time he dedicates to his department, community, and family.

A call comes in at home, on a weekend, at late hours, and he always is there to help, whether it be a call to come to lead a high school winning team back into town or a call to aid a neighbor in need.

What about all the children in our neighborhood who consider our home a safe home and can come by anytime day or night to talk, ask questions and just be part of our life?

Kirk Martin has received two lifesaving awards from two different Governors for saving the lives of two community members.

These are the things that no one sees or hears about. Why? Because Kirk Martin is not a person to boast or toot his own horn. He is a private person who does what is best for our community. You ask how I know all about this? It is because I have been his wife for the past 28 years.

Yes, there are many contracts and different services the Sheriff’s Department can participate in, but they all take money and those monies would have to come from town contracts, if a town so chooses, to contract with the Sheriff’s Department. These contracts are not set in stone and get voted on yearly by the taxpayers. All these extra services have to be voted on by the taxpayers, and this, in turn, increases taxes. With our recent crisis with EMS we will have our taxes increased and Act 46 may or may not increase taxes depending on whether or not it is passed.

Please remember to vote on November 6th for Kirk Martin, the candidate with integrity, dedication and someone who is humble about his accomplishments.

Thank you,
Shelia Martin

Dear Orleans County Voters:

Among the important decisions, voters will make on November 6 is that of Orleans County Sherriff. Strangely enough, we are presented with the same choice that we had back on primary day in August.

Why? Because Jennifer-Harlow Jacobs, after losing by 393 votes (1307-914) in the Republican primary, decided to run in the general election as a Democrat, in part because she received 18 more Democrat write-in votes than Sheriff Kirk Martin (312-294).

Legal? Yes. Fair? That’s another question.

Kirk Martin has served our community all of his adult life, including twenty-three years in law enforcement at the sheriff’s department.

He was also assistant fire chief for the Orleans Fire Department and a volunteer emergency responder with the Orleans Ambulance Service for thirty years.

In 2008, Kirk was appointed Orleans County Sherriff by Governor Jim Douglas after receiving letters of recognition for bravery in saving two lives; one letter from Gov. Douglas and one from Governor Howard Dean.

During his ten years as Sheriff, Kirk has focused on providing the best possible patrol coverage for our community, being mindful of the reality of balancing town budgets, costs to the taxpayers, and providing coverage that is sustainable for the long haul.

He has modernized the fleet of patrol cars, added a K-9 unit and body cameras, and organized the move into a modern and secure building on the Derby Road.

When our two local high schools were in need, he worked to provide deputies as School Resource Officers protecting our children.
Sheriff Kirk Martin works quietly, without fanfare, to keep our community safe not just because it is his job, but because he cares about the people he serves.

He has continued “Operation Call-In”, a service in which his office checks on senior citizens living alone to make sure they are okay, and at Christmas Kirk personally delivers gifts because he worries that these seniors might be alone for the holidays. Kirk founded “Operation Santa” in which his office fundraises, purchases and delivers Christmas gifts for children in need.

And those letters of recognition that Kirk received from the governors? One was for jumping into the Barton River to save a five-year-old girl who had gone out on the ice to get her doll and was in danger of breaking through and being swept downstream.

Sheriff Kirk Martin has earned our trust and deserves our support. Vote for Kirk Martin on November 6.

Rebecca Boulanger

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