In support of State’s Attorney candidate Jennifer Barrett by Kristen Wright

in Letter to the Editor

To the citizens of Orleans County,

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I am writing in support of State Attorney Candidate Jennifer Barrett.

After growing up in Orleans County, and seeing how the times have changed, the only responsible choice for our community is to vote for Jennifer Barrett.

My support of Jennifer Barrett is largely in part due to her strong beliefs surrounding major issues in our community, such as domestic violence and drugs.

Jennifer believes in holding people accountable for their actions.

During her first four years, she has truly served the public.

She has proven herself by using the Diversion Program at the highest rate in history for non-violent, first-time offenders.

She continues to fight every day for tough sentences for those selling drugs in our communities.

While the times are changing, and the increase in drug-related crimes and domestic abuse seems to be on the rise, Attorney Jennifer Barret never wavers in her beliefs and her role as a State’s Attorney.

I firmly stand by her and would recommend you do the same.

Thank you,

Kristen Wright

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