Smell the Roses, not the Landfill

in Letter to the Editor

Two of our most basic human rights should be clean air to breathe and untainted water to drink; both of these basic human rights are now under threat in the NEK.

If you detect the slightest hint, or an overwhelming stench coming from the Coventry landfill please report it as SOON as you smell it.

Remember, these smells can travel a long way and won’t necessarily be located directly next to the landfill.

It is imperative that everyone reports these odors so data can be collected in an effort to understand the negative impacts of having a behemoth landfill in our own backyard.

As soon as you smell anything, please contact both of these numbers, 24/7:

Coventry Landfill: 802-323-9537
Department of Environmental Conservation: 802-249-5904 and/or

Would you like to learn more and join the growing ranks of NEK’ers opposing this landfill expansion and other associated issues threatening our local watershed?

If so, please join the Facebook conversation on DUMP, Don’t Undermine Memphremagog Purity and please ask others to join too.

This letter was submitted by Beth Barnes, of Newport.

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