Letters: Vote to re-elect Sheriff Kirk Martin

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The following letters to the editor were submitted to Newport Dispatch:

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From Rick Danforth, Westfield.

I am writing this letter in support of Sheriff Kirk Martin. I have worked with Sheriff Martin for many years. He is a dedicated to making our communities a better place to live. While I was working as a Community Correctional Officer, he never hesitated to come out and assist when asked.

He didn’t send a deputy, he would do this himself.

I have the utmost respect for Sheriff Martin and I am proud to say that I will be voting for the only choice for Sheriff, and that is Sheriff Kirk Martin.

Please make sure to vote on August 14th and make the right choice, vote to re-elect Sheriff Kirk Martin.

From Carlotta Corcoran

In 2008, Kirk Martin became Sheriff of Orleans County. Since that point, the Sheriff’s Department has prospered.

Many new programs and contracts have been added. He has taken steps to make the Department what it is today.

Sheriff Martin stands behind his Deputies and their work.

I was Kirk’s Administrative Assistant until 2015 when I retired after 17 years of service to him and the Department.

Many times I have seen him patrolling the County, transporting prisoners, meeting with civic groups and nonstop working on keeping his budget in control. He is definitely a working Sheriff.

The deputies that he has hired are a fine group of people. They uphold the law in a professional and courteous way. this is due to their training and his fine leadership.

So please get out and vote on August 14th for Sheriff Kirk Martin and you will be glad you did.

Don’t forget it’s not too late to get absentee ballots.

From Thomas Cluff, Lowell, MA

I am writing this letter in support of Sheriff Kirk J. Martin. The Orleans County Sheriff’s Department has had many improvements since Kirk Martin was appointed and re-elected.

He is a great asset to the community and the Department. There are numerous benefits of re-electing Sheriff Martin.

1. He has experience;
2. He has developed many contacts over the past years;
3. He has the knowledge;
4. He has the trust of his deputies;
5. He has demonstrated his dedication to the department.

These are just a few qualities that Kirk Martin has demonstrated as the Sheriff.

Since I am only a visitor, I am unable to vote but Sheriff Martin would be my choice for the above reasons and many more. These should be your reasons why you re-elect Sheriff Kirk Martin.

Please make sure to VOTE on August 14th and make the right choice, Sheriff Martin.

From Phyllis Kennison, Brownington

I am writing this letter in support of Sheriff Kirk Martin. Sheriff Martin is a dedicated officer to his Department and community.

As I recently read a post on Facebook someone stated our current Sheriff has all the great qualities his opponent said she would like to see in a Sheriff, also the things she would like to see done, our Sheriff currently does these things.

So I agree that why fix something that isn’t broken. Please VOTE on AUGUST 14th to RE-ELECT Sheriff Kirk J. Martin.

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