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Cigarette sparks massive fire in Burke

BURKE — Investigators say a cigarette caused a massive fire in Burke on Saturday that destroyed two homes and caused a propane tank to explode.

At around 12:30 p.m. the West Burke Fire Department was dispatched to the location at 237 Depot Street.

Firefighters say the explosion of a 250-pound propane tank endangered all fire personnel and shot embers a distance from the property.

The explosion resulted in a residence across the street catching fire, as well as starting several brush fires.

The origin of the fire was determined to be the garage, which had piles of dried leaves and other combustibles adjacent to it.

They were ignited by a carelessly extinguished cigarette from a visitor at the residence, investigators say.

Westerly winds caused the fire to quickly spread to the house. Two homes and a garage were totally destroyed in the fire, as well as another two properties which sustained heat damage.

No injuries other than a foot injury sustained by an occupant of one of the properties was reported.

The fire is classified as accidental.

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