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Daigle-Farney joins OCRJ Board of Directors

NEWPORT — Lisa Daigle-Farney recently joined the Board of Directors for the Orleans County Restorative Justice Center.

Daigle-Farney is no stranger to helping her community or to the idea of restorative justice in general.

“I believe my past experience, which is 37 years in the fields of education and human services, has given me the tools I need to serve on the Orleans County Restorative Justice Center Board,” she said. 

Daigle-Farney is a Newport native who has worked with children and families for many years to help them seek the support they need to lead a more successful life. She has taught parenting classes, communication classes, and has served in a number of volunteer capacities.

“My attraction to serving on this board is that I firmly believe in the philosophy of Restorative Justice. I have the utmost respect for the staff that do this work,” she said.

Daigle-Farney has also served on many boards over the years. She has volunteered for Special Olympics, was a volunteer with Citizen’s advocacy for eight years as a mentor for a person with disabilities, and served on the committee for March of Dimes for six years. She has even served on the National Ski Patrol for 25 years.

“Restorative Justice focuses on accountability, responsibility, and reestablishing trust,” Daigle-Farney said. “Educating those who have committed a crime and helping them to restore the damage they have done and to encourage them to mend damaged relationships, is something I am deeply devoted to. I look forward to my new role on the board and to make any contributions that will be an asset to the Restorative process and our community.”

To learn more about OCRJC services, visit their website at www.kingdomjustice.org or call 802-487-9327.

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