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Police: Local musician looking for missing guitar

LOWELL — A local musician is looking for his guitar after he alerted police on Friday that it is missing.

Police say Wayne Warner and his sister and manager Juanita Tetreault, contacted them from Lowell on Friday to report the guitar missing.

The instrument is listed as a Gibson J200.

Police say Warner had let some individuals borrow the guitar on July 15, for 4 days. As of July 19, the guitar was not returned.

There hasn’t been any contact with the individuals as of Friday, police say.

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The guitar was in a hard black Gibson case which also had lyric sheets inside of it.

Warner, a musician from the Northeast Kingdom, has had a long career, including the hit song “Turbo Twang,” named among the Top 10 country dance songs of 2006.

Anyone with any information about the location of the guitar is being asked to call the Vermont State Police.

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