Elisabeth von Trapp to perform in Newport on Sunday

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NEWPORT — Elisabeth von Trapp will return to Newport on Sunday, for a concert that will take place at the United Church of Newport.

Ms. von Trapp first came to Newport ten years ago and is being welcomed back through the Now Playing Newport Music Series.

Granddaughter of the legendary Maria and Baron von Trapp, whose story inspired “The Sound of Music,” music is part of her earliest memories.

Inspired by her father’s guitar playing and singing, she began taking piano lessons when she was eight.

By sixteen she was playing guitar and traveling the back roads of New England performing with her siblings at weddings, gospel meetings, town halls, and county fairs.

Growing up she heard the sounds of Beethoven, Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart from her father’s record collection and the voices of the Beatles, Dylan, Joni Mitchell, and the Rolling Stones from the open airways of Vermont radio.

“Cold winter nights, I would sit on my bed in the dark, picking out a Join Mitchell song on my guitar as the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto on the phonograph would float up the stairs from the living room below, where my mother sat knitting,” von Trapp said.

She has released five self-produced albums and her music has been featured on BBC-Radio, Japanese National Radio, and CNN Spanish Radio.

The program begins on Sunday, April 2, at 3:00 p.m., followed by a reception.

There is a suggested donation at the door of $10.