VIDEO: 2017 Northeast Kingdom calendar by photographer Rick Desrochers

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NEWPORT — Local photographer Rick Desrochers, who owns Northern Dreams Photography, took us out for a day of shooting in the Northeast Kingdom, to discuss his art, and the two 2017 calendars he is putting out.

Desrochers is a photographer from Newport, Vermont. He grew up loving photography and all the beauty this area has to offer.

To dream of the direction of North symbolizes reality. It also indicates that you are making progress and moving forward in life.

“While living in Florida, I dreamt of the four seasons of the North, and Northern Dreams Photography was born, a dream that has become reality,” Desrochers said. “It’s about capturing the simple things in life and the beauty of nature that we sometimes miss and take for granted. It’s about helping us to believe in our dreams of moving forward and anywhere that we can imagine.”

The 2017 Northeast Kingdom Calendar is also printed locally at the UPS Store in Newport.

For more information about Northern Dreams Photography, email Rick at